Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Tyranid and Space Wolf, Photos and Thoughts!

Old School here with some pics floating around the web today of the new Tyranid and Space Wolf Models. Included are the Tervigon/ Tyrannofex kit (Tervigon above), the Swarmlord/ Flying Tyrant kit, the Thunderwolves and Fenrisian Wolves. Let's take a look:

Alright, so as much of the world speculated for so long, the Tyrannofex and Tervigon come in the same kit. My first impression is that they look pretty cool and meet the look that I imagined they would have in terms of size and base size. I have to agree with many of the commenters out there that say this is a little too late as there are a lot of conversions for both of these models that meet this size standard and are certainly good enough for the table-top even in a world where this kit exists (I am not retiring big momma anytime soon!). What the kits do is simply provide those who haven't converted them yet or who don't want to spen $100+ a model to grab a kit and make them to standard for roughly half the price buying the conversion parts at retail would cost. Will I pick one up? We will see.

The Swormlord/ Flying Hive Tyrant kit looks very nice with some minor concessions seemingly made that take a little away from the Swarmlord in contrast to his codex picture, but I think it is worth it for a good plastic kit with some wings included. Again, it isn't exiting for the many who already made their own. I think this will provide the Harpy lovers with a good model to start their conversions from, but again, it's a little late.

Here is the Tyrant with wings. Not bad and it looks like several of the better conversions I have seen. The legs could work to make a running, footslogger Tyrant as well, so that could be a nice little side deal.

... The mandatory swarm image.

Wolftime - Here are the long awaited Fenrisian wolves. For those folks who haven't made them, they are pretty nice and should look great on the table.

And the Thunderwolves. In terms of base size and overall look, I like them. They are set to be about $55 a box, which is comparable to the price of Bloodcrushers, so I think it's not a bad deal, but again, I feel like the folks who wanted Thunderwolves have got them already, whether they converted from GW parts or bought theirs from a third party.

Here is another pic of the TWolves.

And a group shot vs the Nids.

My thought? As I mentioned several times going through the pics, these kits would have been great a long time ago and while I am sure they will sell, I am sure the converters out there aren't going to budge on their already-made models. What it means to me on a tournament judge/ organizer note is that there is finally a point of reference to compare conversions to the official models, so there will be less debate at events about what base the TWolves/ Big Bugs go on and less sightings of the mini-Tervigons from the folks who claimed that they couldn't be modelling for advantage since there are no models.

What do I wish they would have provided? Spore pods for one. They would fall into the catagory of stuff that most people have made, but with the pod being a very spammable model for reserve armies, they surely would have sold and I would have loved to have seen a proper model instead of some of the repurposed things I have seen out there (some are great, others are horrible). So my verdict is that these are all nice models, but I would have loved to have seen them sooner.

What are your thoughts on these models?


  1. you summed it up perfectly:
    "I have to agree with many of the commentators out there that say this is a little too late as there are a lot of conversions for both of these models that meet this size standard and are certainly good enough for the table-top even in a world where this kit exists"

    too late GW!!!!

  2. The only part of the flyrant model I would use to make a harpy is the wings, the entry in the book is pretty clear that the harpy is similar to a trygon in shape and size, so that really should be the starting point for harpy models. Why something that size would have such a lousy save is beyond me.

  3. That is true Ian, if the Trygon is the starting point for the Harpy, it is a terrible unit for it's size on the table, especially with all the autocannons, psyflemen, Anhililation Barges (not that they wouldn't get a save) and hell ... just Multi-lasers out there.

    Death Salvo, I hope that GW is looking around today at what their customers think of these releases, which is great, but too late. I hope that customers vote with their wallets instead of giving up their conversions. I am not a typical GW hater and in fact like the games and the models they produce, but they dropped the ball here and I hope they know that and it influences their decisions regarding future releases - especially as a company that markets itself as a model company that happens to have rules for games.

  4. I think they'll have to re-do the harpy's stats if they ever release it. It wouldn't be tough to put a sheet in the box for the thing with its stats, put it online, put it in WD, etc.

    Re: the models, they're all pretty sweet. I'll stick with my FW flying tyrant because I think it looks better. The wolves riding wolves look pretty bad, imo.

  5. I think the "too little, too late" comment is missing out on the numbers of players that don't buy off-brand, that weren't willing to convert off-the-shelf models, and who would prefer to use an official model (for whatever reason).

    I wouldn't be surprised to find that the lack of a Tervigon model had posed a barrier to many players starting a Tyranid army, given the popular perception of their necessity for competition. Take the Battlewagon, for example. Everyone argued that any Ork player worth their salt had already made one from a Land Raider and a toilet roll, but the actual plastic kit is far better than most conversions, and actually accessible to people starting to play, rather than jaded veterans.

  6. "I wouldn't be surprised to find that the lack of a Tervigon model had posed a barrier to many players starting a Tyranid army, given the popular perception of their necessity for competition. " I think that is probably hugely true.

  7. That is a very good point Nurglitch. I think the Battlewagon is a great example as well, since I was an eBay seller at the time and can tell you that I never sold anything quite as big a Best Seller as the Battle Wagon and its bits back when it came out. Once again, it also provided a point of reference to other ork players as well and was soooo nice looking, I have even see it hit the table for armies that have nothing to do with orks.

    Aside from that, there is no doubt that a group of veterans and pretty much everyone who buys Nids from here out will buy into the Tervigon kit, especially with the love affair the scene has had for them. Even a lot of drop lists manage to squeeze in a tervigon.

  8. I was always a little put off by the 3rd party Thunderwolves. Some of them just looked a bit off to me, some of them didn't have legs on them, so I'd have to buy some biker legs and hope they fit, some of them were awesome looking but just too expensive, and some of them would be coming around the world.

    I guess I'm just a fanboy because when I saw these pictures I said, "squeeeee!"

  9. I am totally stoked for the Space Wolf kits! I didn't buy any of the 3rd party offerings many were either Fugly or too expensive for my tastes or both. Plus I have been spending the last year repainting my stolen Chaos army so that has derailed my Space Wolf army project.

    So I will be purchasing both kits for sure.

  10. I've only just gotten into WH40K and picked Space Wolves. I haven't gotten anything yet other than the basic units so this is something I'm definitely looking forward to! I've seen a variety of wolves offered by 3rd parties, but I wasn't really into their designs. I can't wait to have myself a pack of wolves :D

  11. Well, personally, I'm kinda bummed that there's suddenly gonna be a lot more Thunderwolf spam, but at least the models look nice!

    SW players are getting spoiled; I hope chaos gets this kinda love w/ 6th.

  12. Mr.Esty, my sources say that it will be an expensive year for Chaos fans, I shudder when think about it. I am dieing to see how things shape up for my spike covered marines!

  13. My Tervigon was the basic Carnifex conversion, so at a push I could proxy it as a Carnifex to see what they're like. It's essentially an anorexic version of the new model:


    And my Mycetic Spore was made from a seed pod in some Pot-pourri, air drying clay and flower wire for the tentacles:


    I still like the Mega Bloks option though, just because they're so cheap it makes me giggle that they can be a viable alternative, apologies there is no model so it's not an alternative it may as well be the defacto standard! Ha, ha!

  14. TBH, i like raging heroes miniatures cyberwolves look, so i'll be buying those instead of gw's models ;) haven't checked them out yet? I think you should ;)

  15. I have, icereaver and a friend of mine bought from Raging Heroes over a year ago. What he got was poor quality pewter that didn't have nearly the detail of the advertised model. The company then didnt return his emails.

    1. Awww, that's too bad, i have only ordered a manticore model from them before, but it was in pretty okay quality resin. I could count bubbles on one hand, none that shamed the model ;) well, if you'd like i could send pictures when i get the wolves if you want to see ?