Friday, December 2, 2011

Resurrecting the Eaters of Worlds! Where I Stand and a Preview

Old School here with a change of Course on my Hobby-Fu. I will still be rocking out Ogres at the cyclic rate and slowly crafting the Death Wing, but with recent (salt-needed) rumors on Chaos Legions and with great new Monsters coming out from Fantasy (so much potential for conversion), I feel the need to pull the Chaos out and make it ready for war. I used to joke around saying that I would get around to painting my Chaos Marines one of these years ... while the collection built up and multiple legions massed on my shelves and bits boxes. No longer!

Now is the time to start building and thankfully, I waited just long enough to get pretty good at painting! Above is a WIP of a Berzerker I began painting last night. Cameras hate the color red, so the smooth transition from blood red to the red gore to the scab red within the armor is almost unrecognisable, but believe me, it is there. There is much painting left for this model, but the World Eaters shall be the first of my Legions to be brought to the front lines and given full army wide paint and this will be the basic pallete behind the paintjob! What have I got to work with so far? What is the plan?

Well, I am going to start with the Berzerkers I made a couple of Christmases ago. Each one was the result of a couple hours of conversion work and (in my opinion) very much represents the World Eaters of the post Heresy era. This is just one squad though. A long time ago, I picked up some Marauder flail bits and I have plenty of chain blades, axes and more now, so I am planning the next squad to have some bare arms, two handed chain glaive-style axes, tattoos and a lot of savagery! My goal will be to bring three squads to the table of this level.

Lord Zhufor is a model I painted ... I think last summer? Anyway, he is going to play the role of a lord in this army and hopefully, when we get a new book, the lord option becomes something desirable again. I also have five Khorne termies that will be recieving some love as well.

Then there are also the Jugger cavalry. The rumors have the very wishlist happy hint of Skull Champions on Juggernaughts as a unit selection, so I will paint the remaining cav I have on hand to bring the number to a Khorne Friendly eight. This won't be a problem since seven of them are built and four are painted so far!

As far as my vehicle armory, i have a Land Raider that needs a little more work and will than be ready for paint, then I have three rhinos that were originally looted by me to be Ork vehicles, but I plan to make them into re-habbed wrecked rhinos for the world eaters to drive in. My logic here is that they likely have little respect for the rhino as a vehicle, while their Land Raiders should be reveared like the weapons they carry to battle. Anyway, it will give me the chance to do some good weathering!

Outside of that, I have the Brass Scorpion above (I like to use it as a Defiler), which will get a re-touch and a Dreadnought that could use a paintjob.

I know I didn't show you pics of everything, but then again, what's life without a little mystery. I plan to paint this stuff quickly (but very well), so be on the look out for some khornate goodness this month!

Have any ideas, comments or questions? As always, discussion is very welcome.


  1. Very cool - I'm eagerly awaiting the proposed legion codexes. Definitely looking forward to seeing what you come up with, keep up the great work!

  2. looks good! I especially like the more vibrant red going on there, like in the first picture. That darker Scab Red kinda red you often see is so drab.

  3. That's a pretty good start. I've painted 7 Bezerkers, one short of my goal, but I was going to do a Rhino and a Blood Slaughter, but ran out of time and energy...

    I'd like to do some of the Terminators with the Forgeworld bits someday. I don't really care about the impending new codex, I'm not in a position to work on hobby projects

  4. Even if the camera hates the red I like how its turning out.

    The blood splatter effect looks nice in the picture so I'm sure its brilliant in person.

    Aren't you worried that when the codex comes out that they craft some amazing new models that you would want to replace your current models, making all that work go to waste?

  5. Considering the khorne element is forge world from what I've seen I would love to see gw try to outdo forge worlds level of detail on their plastic kits.