Wednesday, November 30, 2011

13th Company Space Wolf Thunderwolves WIP # 3

Update on the Thunderwolves.  They're almost done.  I ordered some chaos warhounds to chop up for the heads and then I'll be finished up with the four.  I might end up making one or two more, but for now I think I'm set.

I added the maw to this guy because the flat face just looked weird.  I think it came out much better with the maw.

It's made of a tyranid warrior face and green stuffed to have lips since I guess in the nid world, lips are overrated.

Here is the first of the two final.  He obviously needs the head still, bur for the most part hes done.  I'm not entirely thrilled with the pose, but he works in the squad.  I chopped and re positioned the hand a little.  I was going for a sheild bash wind-up.

Shield is made form a drop pod door.

And finally, the 'hulk smash' wolf.  Not only is this guy busting through the wall, he's ripped his clothes and they were generous enough to increase in size as he the hulk.

Overall, I'm still happy with how the project is turning out.  All that is left is a little more hair work, the hound heads and finally the paint.  They'll have their first tournament test (Wysiwyg) this weekend.  I'll be pretty sad face if they cause confusion.  I'll keep you guys posted, and thanks for following the project!


  1. the drop pod door used as a shield looks amazing.
    What did you use around the basing is it just the gw basing material?

  2. This is the coolest use of the TW profile I have ever seen.:|

  3. Truly amazing work! The dynamics and energy of the models are breath taking. Agree the shield looks suitably brutal. Well done sir!

  4. Absolutely fantastic. Such a great way of representing Thunderwolves. Cannot wait to see these with paint on.

  5. Must agree with the rest, awesome interpretation of a Thunderwolf, and great positioning. All the models look very dynamic. Have you given any thought to the war-gear load out for these (frost weapon, power fist, or will they be 'count as'?

  6. What are these werewolfs supposed be again? You keep talking about thunderwolves but they are cavalry and thee are no riders on the werewolves (or are you planning on putting some riders on?)

    Just kidding, they look great.

  7. I'm not really sold on the muzzle, but otherwise that's a brilliant (if costly!) way to represent Thunderwolves.

  8. Thanks for all the comments, its a fun project so far and I look forward to them being painted.

    Paul- You'd be pretty surprised at how many times I've been asked so far if I'm playing counts as chaos. (seriously, space wolves counts as chaos...) I was also asked if the first one was a counts as dreadnought. It seems obvious but I'll be giving them the first test of a tournament this weekend. That's usually when 40k players have their underwear in the largest bunch.

  9. CVinton.. I hate you. No seriously. Okay, not seriously, I'm just jealous. These are turning out completely head-and-shoulders over any counts-as Thunderwolves I've seen to date.

    Now where's my tutorial on your style of fur? I've got mine up on you tube on on my blog, afterall! ;)

    Can't wait to see this next year at Adepticon. You guys all make me want to take a weekend away and visit to game with the lot of you.