Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Death Wing Apothecary Reporting for Duty!

Old School here with another dose of Death Wing goodness, this time, I will give you a couple shots of my Apothecary (ok, enough puns), but seriously, another command squad member down and until I get my hands on my Huron, this will be the last non-production line DW terminator I crank out. It's all gravy from here on! Let's take a look:

The Apothecary was a really fun conversion for me and I think I pulled it off pretty well. As I stated before, I used the hammer arm because I imagine him shielding the wounded or the dead while operating with his weapon hand. You may notice the Space Wolf hammer, but just remember, this whole army was built out of pieces from my bitz box and I really don't think it takes away from the model at all. Oh, and of course the arm is all in whiter tones than the rest of the model to denote his Apothecary status.

Believe it or not, my banner and my Apothecary have their own little fluff stories in my head and to me, this guy has to be a badass! If you have ever served with a real-life veteran unit and seen their Corpsman or Medic, he's usually pretty outstanding. Space Marines therefore, should have a super badass and who better than an apothecary that has served in the Ordos Xenos. Now before you get your ceremite jock strap in a bind, just keep in mind that the Death Wing is just as famous for fighting xenos as they are for hunting fallen. After all, the white armor is actually in memory of the Death Wing who died facing a Genestealer infestation. Anyway, I like it, but it's the vials on the back that I really like!

Now I am not the greatest painter in the world, but I think I'm good to go and I am VERY HAPPY with the vials on the back and how they came out. The effect is exactly what I desired and I am pretty exited to throw this model down on the table during 'Ard Boyz this weekend!

As always, let me know what you think! I have some finished Ogres kicking around and a Fantasy report that is getting very old now, so look forward to that and some 'Ard Boyz reports as well from myself and CVinton!


  1. I really like this. Good job! Fantastic painting if you ask me, the base is nice, and I love the vials on the back (too).

  2. I like where things are going. Now that I'm done building 70+ space wolves, its time for me to go back on the painting warpath too.

  3. Thanks for the compliments, guys. CVinton, I trust you already know about the relationship between the Wolf and the Lion ... No not the Game if Thrones version, I mean the primarchs. We shall have to invoke the old traditions even when playing on the same team!

  4. I don't think its fair that I bring an eternal warrior giant wolf riding dude to a fist fight. Can't I just shoot your champion with missiles like a good wolf player does?

  5. I like him, especially the fluid storage cylinders on his back. They're a nice touch.