Saturday, August 6, 2011

Death Wing Apothecary Conversion! Corpman up!

 Old School here with a quick look at my Death Wing Apothecary. My old one back in the day was a simple copy of the one GW highlighted in White Dwarf forever ago, but this one is different. No big powerfist to die that medical gear in, so I had to think of how to make him look like the real deal while carrying some new gear.

 Well, I started by grabbing a plastic Apothecary pack from the Space Marine Command Squad box. I then carefully shave off the little medical symbol and glued it to the shoulder pad. I then took apart the Narthecium into several parts. I then shaved it down and rearranged it to make it work on the thunder hammer wrist. I took a healthy dose of inspiration from the Fly Lords on this one, but then I took it up a notch by rounding off the syringe part and adding a pewter tube leading back into the armor.
Next, I took the little speaker peice off an Imperial Guard vox caster and placed it one one side of the back (I just like it there), then added the apothecary pack searchlight. Finally, I trimmed up two of the little peices of flash from the 40mm bases and glued them up there as well so they can be fluid canisters like the normal apothecary would have on his waist. I think once it is painted, the desired effect will be complete. I have to say I am pretty happy with how it turned out, but now I turn it over to you. Let's hear what you think ... and maybe later, we''l take a look at my banner carrier.


  1. Very nice conversion. Very clean and looks like its straight out of the box. Nice

  2. The addition of the extra power cable to the shoulder makes the conversion all the better: this is the kind of attention to detail that truly makes for excellent conversion work! Nice job.

  3. On an ecstatic level, I do not really like it, there just seems to be to much stuff everywhere on the guy. You did good work in the meta which forces the thunderhammer and storm shield onto almost every terminator but it is just not a combination that leads itself to a smooth conversion where the model looks like he could actually do what he is supposed to do.

    I think the storm shield mounted outer forearm would allow him the free hand he needs to do the work.

  4. I disagree Eriochrome, if he uses his hammer arm to do his work, he has the ability to shield himself, which makes sense as it would be hard to hit somebody with a hammer while you are crouched down giving the emperor's peace.
    I will have to say that it is A LOT of stuff going on in one mini. I tried to tone that down by leaving out details like the green stuff angel wings and things like that.

    Other than that, thank all three of you for the constructive critism, let's keep it rolling.

  5. I was still thinking the gear on his hammer hand but seems to me they would probably actually use the other hand to do his work while the gear did its also.