Saturday, August 6, 2011

Raven Wing Attack Bikes with a twist ...

As I have stated in previous posts, I have started this Death Wing army from my bitz box, using a minimal amount of outside resources to get it off the ground. With that being said, the Attack Bike is not something I have just laying around. Bikes, Multi-meltas and Tomb Kings Chariots, however, I have in the metric ton! Lets take a look at what I did.

I have nothing against the Attack Bike: Just the price ... and the fact that I don't have them laying around. What I did here was assemble a Tomb Kings chariot piece, lop off one side of the axle, attach a bike tire to the other side and then use a rectangle of plastic card (with rivets added!) to attach the two just below the bike's foot plate. I left the skull stuff up there because I can use it to add some color tastefully to the black theme of the Raven Wing while still keeping in line with the "creepy dead stuff" theme of the Dark Angels!

Another little touch I added was the sanguinary guard shoulder pad, I just think it looks cool and again - will give me a chance to break up the black later.

How is the rider restrained ... well, after reading about seven instances in BL books and codex fluff, I know that space marines can magnet-lock their boots to things, so why not ride an attack bike like a chariot? I then saw a good example of a chariot riding Chaos Marine about a year ago from Big Jim and knew I could pull it off. I got my chance, svaed some money and overall, I am pretty happy with it! Let me know what you think.


  1. These are awesome! I had some thoughts about doing cold one chariots for attack bikes for my salamanders - this is excellent inspiration!

  2. Cool concept for a Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons squad

  3. Oh yeah, Tsons would look great like this and the cold one chariot is even nicer for non tson stuff.

  4. This is a nice look and a cool idea to get a creative look for bikes.

  5. They look great, OST! The really cool thing is that look was my initial concept for my Attack Bikes!

    For those that have not seen mine here is a link.

    I am currently painting the model so finished pic should go up soon.


  6. Man that's awesome! Looks load more badass than the regular ones by far.

  7. I likes. Looking forward to seeing them in the shoebox. :)