Sunday, August 7, 2011

Death Wing Company Banner Bearer Conversion!

Old School here, continuing the Death Wing coverage with my Company Banner Bearer. I almost went with the standard Space Marine Command Squad box banner, but then I wanted the banner to look like something older, tattered and well, more portable, so I went with a little something from the bits box ...

I whipped out the Chaos Knight Banner from Warhammer Fantasy, shaved off most of the chains and all of the Chaos symbol, then topped it off with a Dark Angels symbol. I don't have a TON of DA bits in the old box, so I made a bunch of press mold casts using green stuff to make more symbols, using more green stuff. I added a little battle damage to the shield to show its relic status, but didn't go too far as the army will have very little battle damage when all is said and done.

All of the blank shoulders in my army are being filled with press mold symbols that I cranked out from the last few DA bits I had. There will be more work on the shields and some of the hammers in the coming days. If anybody need to know how to crank out press mold work, I can do a quick tutorial on it, just let me know.

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  1. Looks good dude. A tutorial on press molding with green stuff would be beneficial for the community as well so I would like to see your methods. Would be helpful for my dark paladins counts as army.