Monday, August 8, 2011

Dealing with the Summer 40k Funk

Old School here to talk about the Summer 40k funk. It seems like every Summer, the sun comes back out and people (rightfully) get outside and enjoy some time in the sun and the hobby goes through a little Summer funk. It is obvious as I look around the blogosphere that there is a bit of it everywhere (more is some cases than others) and there is nothing wrong with it! The question is "What do you do to get the juices flowing again?"
My hobby funk has started to loosen its grip on me as I plunged into the bits box to see if I could build an entire army with what I found there. Once I started putting the Deathwing together, the old 40k stall tactics started creeping "I need to wait and just order Forge World shoulder pads" ect ... I, instead whipped out the green stuff and started press molding and I am a couple of guys away from putting paint on terminators! It's like I am getting started all over again and the level of excitement hasn't been this high for me since I opened my first Chaos Space Marines box.

Hopefully, this will see me start to progressively get more games in and ease myself out of the Summer funk and into the local scene again. Others are experiencing their own 40k revival as we speak. CVinton is quietly finishing his Night Lords and has been kicking the tar out of people behind closed doors, Lord Solar Steve will be back among us soon and I have seen Vogrin throwing the Grey Knights on the table again!

My question now is "Do you experience the Summer 40k Funk?" and "How do you come back from it/ What gets you excited again?"


  1. I should also tack on that End of Days is coming back this year at the end of October and looks to be much larger than last year's!

  2. Warmachine has taken over my summer hardcore, but Games Day swooped in and brought me back in. We also started a Deathwatch campaign. I can never get enough Warhammer (getting a fantasy game in on Wed too!)

    What is End of Days?

  3. I am hoping to make it up to Evo more as well. I almost have the webway list all built and wysiwyg.

    I need to kill me some night lords and grey nights soon :)

  4. I'm glad you didn't say death wing, as we know that might just be impossible. Belial was a beast in our last game.