Saturday, September 17, 2011

Heading Into Ard Boyz Semis with the Death Wing

Well, I step off tomorrow in search of 'Ard Boyz glory with the Death Wing at Game Vault tomorrow and I have the pre-tourney jitters as always. I will be rolling the same list I ran in the pre-lims and I feel pretty good about it. I always second guess myself prior to tournies, but it is always the list I question and never my skills. Regardless of what goes down, my plan is to have fun playing 3 games of 40k and if I make it to the top, then I make it.
That is really it. I am not going to stand for any drama from fellow players (as I think we have had enough of that in the blogosphere lately) and I hope my skills speak for themselves. If not, I will simply brush my shoulder off and march off at least having three good games. I will try the best I can to live blog from the event, but sometimes Blogger.Droid is less than cooperative when it comes to posting. Other than that, my brother from another mother, CVinton will also be playing the semis half way across the country, so wish us luck!


  1. Good Luck, I am glad I don't have to play your teminators!

  2. May Khaine guide your blades and may the Emperor Protect.

    Good Luck boys. Just remember OST, belial only dies to one blade. Lelith awaits.

    Kick some ass!