Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Stuff Day: Adepticon 2010

Old School here with my Old Stuff Day post. This one is for Adepticon! Last year, The crew from Evolutuion Games roled down there, had some beers, had some incredible times, played in some great games and were blown away by some of the models we saw (including GMM's Scallywaggin' above) .

We still talk about the great stuff we saw and the debauchery committed after hours, so check out this old post and the great armies we saw duruing the 1850 Champ matches or take a look at our Adepticon tab for everything we posted related to Adepticon ... and if you are going this year and bump into us, we'll probably buy you a beer and maybe even absorb you into our unwashed ranks! Also look for all the coverage we will be posting throughout the event!


  1. Cool beans! (who says that?)

    Is that your army there, or was that just one you saw at Adepticon?

  2. It was a price gmm put together and played. Check out their vlog in the blogroll. They are doing a mad max theme ork army this year!