Thursday, March 3, 2011

Converting the Arachnarok into a Tervigon Part 3: Conversion Complete!

 Old School here to show off the recently finished conversion of arachnarok into a Tervigon. As you can see, I took the suggestion of many of you and utilized the spider's original mouth area as a birth canal. I also have added a few other arm options and a substitute head - all with the wonders of magnets. Let's take a walk around this beast.

I just want to start by saying how much fun it has been to make this model and would like to thank all the folks out there for their suggestions. The comments really helped shape this thing and I am just glad to be the first person I know to attempt to pull this off.
 The birth canal is sick with the teeth and the freaky little mandibles adding a very alien and disgusting look to the whole thing. I can imagine termagaunts sliding out as the little mandibles tear their birth sacs from them. The wad of green stuff hanging down is just there as a guide right now to show me where I am going to place the slime effects for a birthed gaunt - of all the things on this model, this is the part I look forward to painting the most.
 And here is Big Momma with a smaller set of arms. I figured these could be the non-upgradeed limbs while the larger set could be the real scything talons - either way, option are fun to have! Magnets are a great way to save money on certain models by having all of the options available on hand instead of buying a model for each option. This will also protect me when GW decides Tervigons get a Heavy Venom Cannon in the next codex, lol.

 and I also made this head as an alternate (I call it the uber psycher head, or the ugly one) for when I want a different look or when I take all the psychic powers ... I might never use it, but the option is always there.

 And here is the claw arms that nobody really liked but me. I still like them, so they will likely hang around as my crushing claw variant option.

 Here is the model on a base. Make no mistake, this is a huge Tyranid, perhaps a little too big for competitive gaming (she is never going to get cover, lol), but I think this is going to look great on the table once I finish the base and paint the model. Great looking model beat comptitive edge hands down anyway!

So now I turn it over to you. Let me know what you think about this bad momma. Hopefully you have enjoyed seeing this thing come to life over the last few posts!


  1. The smallish mandibles near "the birth canal" along with the canal itself really make the model shine. Hopefully that doesn't sound too gnarly.

    For what it's worth, I think I actually prefer her with the smaller set of scything talons. Perhaps if you changed the position on the larger ones, they'd look better, but as it stands, they're too similar to her forelegs for my likes.

  2. Great work and that is one ugly mama bug - in a good way!

  3. Love it mate!
    I was all for the claws from the start, made sense to me, but after seein the small talons i do prefer them as a mainstay and keepin the claws for crushers.
    You think your baby mumma wont get a save due to size, then you should check mine out. At least yours fits on a base...
    Link here:

  4. I'd have used hooves for the rear legs (spiderfexes have always bothered me) but this is a pretty gnarly conversion. Great job.

  5. Love it. It's freaking cool and even smells to tyranid badass!


  6. Absolutely love the top pic with the longer claws - tyraniddish (sorta like yiddish?) goodness. Would love to see a few back views as well. Great work!

  7. Great job blazing the trail for all the future arachnarok-tervigon converters to come. It really looks awesome.

  8. I wasn't a big fan of the idea to combine a giant spider with tyranids. And I am still not totally convinced. Tyranids are more insect like and spiders are...spiders. But that's just me.

    But from the hobby side of view, you really did a great job with that conversion, that's for sure! And my personal liking aside, it really looks cool.

  9. Third pic down looks best :)

  10. Absolutely terrifying - I dig the scything talons update, and the birth canal maw is going to be awesome (and completely disgusting). Can't wait to see it painted!

  11. Very nice! I really like the trygon head bits near the birthing canal. I can imagine those things guiding/prodding the gants as they make a sloppy drop to the ground. Magnets are definitely a modeler's best friend. Way to stick to your guns on the claw arms. If you like 'em the best, then keep 'em. Its your bug. Great work.

  12. Two thumbs up!