Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photos from the 1850 championship - very nice!

Hi, sorry it took so long to get this up, but ATT internet is very slow. Anyway, wanted to put up some photos of the armies from the 1850 Champ tourney. Bothe the Emporer and Horus were there along with some amazing armies. Sadly, Capt. Obvious' army was left out because I took them for granted since I see them all the time - oh well, C.O. will get over it and post his army himself.
On with the photos! Above is the Thunderwolf Cav counts as from the Centurion list!

Goatboy's Space Goats! Looking forward to the Goat Angels ...

An Eldar exodite dragon army so awesome that I posted two photos.

Bushido Red Panda's List! This one included Horus and Mortarian!

Possibly the best traitor guard army there!

Incredible Necrons!

This was hands down the best Death Guard I saw at Adepticon this year.

GMM Studio's Scallywagon! This is the coolest looking paintjob and conversion on an army I have ever seen in person - YOU WILL GOOGLE IT!!!

Space Wolf Las/Plas - nod to Stelek ...

These Dark Eldar were nice. The raiders had the top hook underneath the vic instead of on top, giving them a very menacing look!

The Centurions - Simply amazing and incredible work. I had to pick the artist's brain two more times before I left the state of Illonois.

The Emporer and his Custodes!

The Emporer's Posse!

Squats and Squat bikers!

Silver skulls - one of my favorite DIY Marine armies.

More Nids.

Dave Taylor's Traitors.

... and last but not least, Space Rats. Not a fan of rats in space but the Defilers are amazing! Comments welcome as always - especially from the artists!


  1. Thank you for this... sincerely - thank you.

    Pictures from big events are gamer-crack.

    I've had my fix.


  2. These are some really nice armies! Good to see so many painted.
    This whole Emperor scene is just amazing! I saw that somewhere else already, just can't remember where...

  3. Doh! I guess I just answered my question I asked on another of your posts. Thanks for the pictures--one day maybe I'll get to go to a "real" tournament.

    Happy (belated) Old Stuff Day!