Monday, March 29, 2010


Huzzahh! The trip out with the guys was filled with shenanigans, mishaps and drunken debauchery! It was great and I invite everyone who didn't come this year to go next year and Hangout with us!

In the mean time we'll be busy trying to keep you entertained here with our usual blabbing about our plastic drug.

On that note instead of just yammering on and on and repeating the Eldar Tactica that I'm sure is already posted everywhere I'll be focusing more on requested Topics for my writing, nay-smithing and all that. While I don't have the painting or modeling expertise of Vinton or Old School I'm reasonably experienced with List building of all sorts, a fluff fanatic, and a conversion Junkie.

In short you can send requests to see a tactica on a particular unit or themed army or something for a tourney. Even if it's just to see another person agree with you or gain a new perspective I'll write about somethings good and bad qualities.

If you're stumped on how to make a particular model or army with a certain theme I'll bump heads with everyone else from DFG and we'll get some new ideas flowing.

And even though I've only posted so far about Eldar, I have a lot experience both playing and assembling, Space Marines of all sorts from 4th Edition traits to the current Space Wolves and Blood Angels , Imperial Guard, Tyranids, Tau and even some experience about Orks and Chaos Marines and Daemons though that mostly consists of conversions or at different points being stomped by them.

Just drop me or Old School a line, my email is in my profile.


  1. IM drunk.....Just watched a movie with m girl....was fnny... I played bad this weekend and let chumps walk over me that in my right playing mind would never have a chance against me. Started converting a new emporeres champion today...h elooks pimp...unlike John "Yuckface" Regul.....even though his rules played out fine........he wasnt what i thought he would be.......he was a little punk terd looking kid.

  2. Can we trade lives for a day Capt Obvious? Just don't fail me out of school and I'm cool with it.

  3. Dude, you know that he will... not a chance in hell he wont, because it will just happen to be a "suprise we are going into the ER day" and he will whip out some giant knife and just start cutting into people.