Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Tervogons of Adepticon, part 2!

Old School here with more great Tervigons from the floor at Adepticon!

Alright the last one isn't a Tervi, but it is awesome! Enjoy!


  1. I know its all about perspective, but in that top picture it looks like the mawloc/trygon is humping the tervigon. I think I'm going to go somewhere else now and try not to think about thatmonstrous creature on monstrous creature action.

  2. I like the two IG trying to take aim on the alien...they are very brave.

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  3. @Fehdman

    A little monstrous lovin' is how Termagants get made.

  4. How many layers of feathering do you use on your bugs?
    They look great