Saturday, March 27, 2010

Adeptus Windy City Invitational tourney at Adepticon!

Alright folks, now that my hangover is gone, I can post! Last night the boys from Adeptus Windy City held their own invitational tourney for their top eight players. The guys were all pretty cool and all had a pretty good head on their shoulders when it comes to the game. I just wanted to throw some photos up along with what I can remember about the games I saw while I was there. The army above is a Critical Mass-inspired army that went undefeated during the tourney. The player said that next time, he wants to try Stelek's fast, slow army!

Here is another Wolf army from a player who took advantage of the cavalry option available to SW.

And here is a nicely painted Necron Deciever/Monolith army.

... and here is a Death Guard army (which I saw pretty much get tabled by the las/plas SW)

- A nicely painted SM biker army.

Here is Farseer Phil's Eldar Walker/Vyper list - which boasted triple digits worth of S6 shots a turn!

And last but not least is the very nicely painted Ork army of Red Beard! It was a pleasure to meet these guys and to see them play. You could really tell that they were all familiar with each other and had a lot of fun. Comments are welcome as always!


  1. In the first marine army pictured, what codex is he using? I can't figure out how he's getting 6 man tactical squads with a combi-weapon, special weapon, and a las-plas razorback.

  2. Space Wolves......It is a list from Stalek

  3. Very interesting indeed.

    I discussed it on ye olde blog.

    Love to get some feedback from Robert on how it went. I'm sure Papa Nerfle loved it.