Friday, March 26, 2010

Amazing Combat Patrol Armies from Adepticon!

Combat Patrol this year has to be my underdog favorite event. The players really came with beautiful armies and really impressed me with the work put into their armies. Here are some photos of the ones that really caught my eye!

These Centurians were out of control and were easily the best painted models there in my opinion. When I asked how he achieved the colors and the overall look, his explanation blew my mind as a painter. I hope he didn't smell my brain frying!

This army here was funky, but I really liked it. Basically it uses Chaos Dwarf models to represent guardsmen and the Speeder-type vehicles represent a chimera and two hydras - I really liked the concept and can't wait to see this army in the Team Tourney!

Great Eldar!

This army is the Grot Revolushun! This list is both hilarious and cool. The tank is a killa kan, the little grots that look commissars are the runtherds!

Awesome plague Marines.

Hilarious storm boyz themed army!

This Guard army is beautiful with lots of attention to detail in the painting and great tread and turret conversions on the tanks!

This Templar Army is pretty nice, but the plastic chaplain and the servitor conversions make it really cool and nicely themed.
Your comments are welcome and if one of these is yours, speak up! Maybe we can arrange an interview!


  1. I have a ton of those gretchin in a box in the basement...this makes me want to get them out and paint a hoard oh green.

  2. thanks for posting these pics, the armies are amazing, though the gretchin army just makes me think "does he want all my autogun gretchin?"

  3. I like those Centurions, I assume that's a Space Wolf list because of the cavalry though?

    Quite an awesome take on them.

  4. Those are some awesome forces