Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CVinton paints like a fiend, bumps ... and then paints some more!

Hey everyone, I've been skipping so much material I've been wanting to post that I'm starting to feel like an over packed suitcase bursting with so much 40k garbage to pour out onto the blog. So here is a handful of show off threads all rolled into one, included 5 of my DFG Painting Challenge Kill points:

First up, my display board. I'm way happy with this one than my other one just because its simpler and everything really fits on it. Also I learned that anything not 24"x XX" is just a pain in the ass. This one is a 24" square. I'm happy because this army is about as big an army as you'll ever have to squeeze onto a display board so that means its multipurpose. The peices of building are actually modular and just set on it. I snatched then off my game table for their cinematic quality to the display. Quick, simple, effective.

Here are my fiveDFG Painting challenges. 2 Manticores, a vendetta and the psyker battle squads chimera and Commissar. I went with the all grey on the manticore because I wanted them to stand out from the normal rank and file of my army and when I told OST he was like "Oh that's cool, you did that because artilery in real life wouldn't be camo." And I was "Yeah! Totally! I completely knew and planned that!"

My daughter's name is Vivian. Word of advice, if you want something to never get shot down in a tournament, name it after you kid. It was only killed once in the last 6 games of tournament play I've had.

I use bright colors to break up the very dull look of my army. The missiles are an example of that.

A local gave this model to me about a year ago and it had just been sitting around collecting dust since I don't have a death korp army. But I kind of like the idea of him being in charge of non-death korp. Could you imagine? "Hey, bob we got a new commissar, I hate commissars." "Dude, its a DKOK commissar, Steve." "Shit..."

I used another technique to keep the theme in my army but break up the units. I used a jagged style camo for these guys. Most of the time people never notice on the table unless I point it out.

And here is some Goatboy style "Stuff I painting last week" except this is "Stuff I painted last night"

I was thrilled with how this burned metal turned out. I'd totally do a video tutorial, but it would be like 8 seconds long and just have a spinning image of my Iwata airbrush and in big flashing letters say "BUY AN AIRBRUSH!!!" Seriously, this effect took me like 1 minute, 90% of the time was spent changing colors. Base gold, light coat of red covering 60%, light coat of blue covering 30%, black wash. Done.

I liked it so much I did it twice.

And lastly some AOBR termies. Turned out really nice actually. All of these models were old models that had be striped and I have been really impressed with how they turned out. 2 things not included in this post is a baneb blade and Landraider I did for the same guy over the weekend. The land raider was a strip too, and it turned out good as well. I'm actually leaning towards even considering the idea of being ok with striping models to paint for myself.

See you guys at adepticon! Old School chiming in in red - This guy is gonna need a drink after all this painting! Buy him a drink at Adepticon and get a chance to WIN A BATTLEFORCE!


  1. LMFAO! I haven't even read the post yet, the pic has me in tears!

  2. Man my board is going to be so ghetto, I guess thats what I get for waiting until the last minute

  3. Thanks, Drk.

    Seer, I did mine last night, start to finish including buying the supplies. CCCOOOOCCCAAAINNNNNEEEE

  4. We have so many Thunderwolves in our lists for the Team Tourney that we didn't bother with fancy-shmancy terrain on our board.

  5. Love the board, the little personalisations, the missles and how you displayed you army!

    Looks like i can learn a lot painting wise here! /followed :D

    Do you think "coke-line barbie" will be in the shops for easter?