Friday, March 25, 2011

Win A Battleforce from DFG and Crafteworld Lansing at Adepticon! Come Meet the Crew!

Old School here to announce that Dark Future Games and Craftworld Lansing will host a shameless contest while attending Adepticon. All six of the authors who will be attending Adepticon as well as two distinguished associates will be wearing either a Black or a Red Dark Future Games T-shirt (with out blog names on the back!) during the whole weekend and Seer K of Craftworld Lansing will be wearing his labeled shirt as well (pic below). Keep an eye out for these shirts because if you see one, you may have the opportunity to win a battleforce.

Call it a social experiment, call it campaigning, reckless or just shameless, but we are going to be taking names to put in the hat for a battleforce of the winner's choice. Now, in order to get your name entered, all you have to do is find a person wearing one of these shirts and buy him a drink (doesn't have to be alchohol, though I think we would all prefer it). Multiple drinks will equal multiple entries. Here are some rules:

As we said, drink = name entered
More drinks = more chances
DFG team members are not allowed to turn down a drink (regardless of how horrid it is) unless:
- they are competing in an event at the moment, in which case, they will pass to a member who is not playing.
- they are inebriated, in which case, they will pass to a member who is not yet.

Winners will be announced over the blog after Adepticon, at which time the winner will tell us what battleforce he wants and we will ship it to him free of charge!

This is not limited to the actual venue. If you see us at the bar Thursday night, come on over. Now this may seem like a shameless scam for free drinks, but take a step back and look at it - I actually don't think we are going to get mobbed by people trying to buy us drinks and I think eight grown men can handle themselves and mind their personal limit. What we have in mind is for folks out there to come shake our hands, maybe have a friendly conversation over a drink and get a chance to win something.

An example of the large logo on the Craftworld Lansing Shirt!

We are always interested in making friends, particularly with readers and fellow bloggers and we know a handshake and sometimes a little social lubricant goes a long way. Also, anytime we find a bare table, we plan to have someone on it, so if you want to throw down, we are always down for it if we aren't in one of the events.

We are all pretty exited about the event and we plan to cover it all weekend on Dark Future Games and on Craftworld Lansing (expect me to be taking pics of your army, lol) and hopefully we will meet some great folks and have an amazing time. We have players in the GT as well as Special Operation Killzone and a few other events, so be on the look out for your chance to win a battleforce!


  1. Now that sounds like a nifty idea for a contest. I'll have to keep an eye out for a black shirt at adeptic... really? A black shirt in a sea of black shirts. Guess I will have to watch for the red ones then.

  2. This idea has legs. I like it.

  3. I'll be there for shizzle. If you see members of "Razorback Spam" make sure to ask for Skarvald the Troll-faced.

  4. Great looking shirts! Do you sell them?

  5. We ordered these shirts and then decided that we might buy some more for sale if there was interest.

    As to finding us. Our blog handles are on the back and we are all pretty tall folks for the most part.

  6. I'm sad that when we ordered these I wasn't aware of the contest so I'll be wearing one stinky shirt by sunday. It'll be worth all the booze and good times though. Sadly I won't be attracting all the hotties there with my gamer funk....{sarcasm)

    I did have the forsight to get a red one though. As Rich said, total win for me. Red shirt and backwards Redsox hat, look for it!

  7. Those of us with smart phones can use the new @darkfuturegames twitter account to make folks aware of where we are!

  8. My Shirt does not have my name in it, but I am a big dude so I should be visable, just look for the logo above, the Eye of Isha.

    As I stated on my blog I love red lagers and whiskey.

  9. I prefer vodka tonics and good beer, but if you want a show, ask me to do a Stuntman!

  10. So, basically you want us to get you drunk and take advantage of you. I didn't know you were a sorority! I approve. See you there!

  11. bought a round for a few of ya'll! hope everyone is having a good time at the tournament. i had a great time for my first time around.