Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hi-Tech Miniatures Resin Banner Review

 Old School here to take a good look at the quality of banners available from Hi-Tech Miniatures and to look at some possible uses for them.

First off, the banners stand just a little taller than a terminator, so while they will work great on a banner pole held by a miniature, they may be a little to big for a regular 25-40mm figured to wear on his back (though this would be very nice on a dreadnought.)
 Each banner costs just about $2.50 or so and I cannot complain about the quality of the resin at all. It is smooth and came clean of flash. This is how they looked when I recieved them!

 Now, while these banners work really well for troop banners like chapter banners, company banners ect., they can also be used on vehicles, but there are some concerns to take into mind before we start dreaming of glueing these all over the sides of rhinos.

 For example, you can see here that these banners may not be appropriate for rhino sized vehicles as they are larger than the side of the vehicle and too skinny for the door panel on the top hatch.

 They will drape nicely off the side of a Land Raider however and I think that the Dark Angel, Blood Angel and Grey Knight players out there can really make something of these banners for their Raiders (the company makes banners that can be used for each).
Also, take a look at this view from the top of the Land Raider and imagine trimming off the little flags on the bottom of the banner to turn them into vehicle panels. They suddenly become awesome reliefs that take a Land Raider from "run of the mill" to outstanding with just a little resin and a few bucks.

In conclusion, I find the banners from Hi-Tech to be well-made, nice looking, affordable and multi-use! A good buy in my book and will surely find its place in the Places We Shop Page!


  1. Thanks for the post mate, not seen these guys before and very interested in both the banners and shield bearers.

  2. I came across the company's site a little while back and noticed these. Thanks for posting a review!

  3. If I played any angels army I would totally get these.