Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Road to Adepticon and Contest Reminder!

Old School here and we are off to Adepticon! We are wearing our shirts and are ready to start taking names and drink in exchange for the chance to win a battleforce. All of our authors and about 18 people from our local area will be there as well, so we are rolling DEEP.

As you likely know, we are going to give away a battleforce of the winner's choosing in a raffle style contest. To enter, a person needs to find a member of Dark Future Games or Craftworld Lansing on the floor at Adepticon and buy them a drink. Each drink equals one entry and a team member cannot refuse a drink unless he is playing in the GT (at which point he will accept and just pass the drink to another member).

We are easy to spot as we are wearing these T-shirts with our Author Handle on the back.

SeerK will be in his Craftworld Lansing shirt with his blog name and the eye of Isha on the front

So, make sure you come and say hi, we love meeting other gamers and bloggers - as a matter of fact - if you post a link to this contest info on your blog, your first drink is worth two entries!

Aside from shameless contest drink begging (lol), we are all going to be playing in pretty much everything there is to imagine. SeerK, Vogrin, CVinton, The Judge and Sammy are all playing in the GT, I will be in Killzone and some seminars (and looking for that Malifaux demo!), Lord Solar Steve will be in the combat Patrol and Farseer Re-rolls will be lurking the halls, appearing only when the time is right - anyway, I am sure I missed something, so I am prepared for the other authors to slay me in the comments.

With all that being said, we are going to post a metric butt-ton of coverage this weekend on both the blo and on Twitter @darkfuturegames, so check us out, hit us with some feedback and if you are there come meet us!