Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lord Solar Steve will be at Combat Patrol on Saturday!

Hello all and welcome to my last post before Adepticon! A quick update for you all, I will be participating in the Saturday evening Combat Patrol, so if you want to stop by and say hello, I will gladly talk with you between rounds! I am currently having some trouble trying to work though my list as I was just informed yesterday that I would be in the tournament, however I am confident that I will enjoy myself and hopefully put on a good showing like I did last year.

If you have never played combat patrol I would highly recommend it, it is plenty of fun and the low model count makes everything you do be shown under a much larger microscope. Personally I believe this format has helped me with unit tactics quite a bit.

Hopefully this year wont have the same issues I ran into with the Judges last year, not making it clear when the rounds were about to end, causing me to lose my second round match (I had been getting my ass kicked, but made what I consider a brilliant move to get out of my chimera as the game was ending and spreading myself across two objectives to his claimed one but no one but me at the top three tables heard last round and was forced to continue to the next round then the Black Templar assaulted me… and you can guess how that went.) Yet knowing how well I did in previous years does not give me much confidence as a couple new codices along with updates to the rules have changed the game quite a bit (I mean holy crap the Blood Angels can have a freaking Dread!)

Our local store has run quite a few of these tournaments in the past but this will be the first one I have been in with the updated rule set, and with that in mind I have to think about how that effects my lists, so I will be working on them when I get out of work this evening, and most likely painting some models, however unless I decide to run someone else’s army out there, my Guard will make an appearance, so keep an eye out for the muddiest Chimera’s and Death Korps of Krieg models around along with me in my DFG shirt. Hope to see you there!

Speaking of the DFG shirt, if you want to win a free battleforce from me or our other authors at Adepticon, click the link to find out the details.

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always....



  1. Can you link the combat patrol rules that you'll be following?

  2. The following is the link to this years combat patrol:

  3. Interesting question: do you think psychic powers are unbalanced in a 400 pt game? I'm looking at putting together some combat patrol rules for our campaign and as a tyranid player I can't take any of my HQs, any warriors, etc.

    The best way to get synapse then would be zoanthropes, but they can't use any of their psychic powers (so all they can do is assault). Are psychic powers really that bad to remove them from CP?

  4. You are allowed to use Warriors according to the new rules. The reason psycic powers were removed is due to imperial guars two cheap cheap choises for it.

    Think about an imperial guard player taking two Primaris Psykers and Psyker Battle squad and then a bare bones Vet squad versus most armies. or just two Primaris Psykers alone would be a sily amount of possible firepower. I mean if they pass their tests they would get 4d6 STR 6 shots, which would be between 4 and 24 (an average of 14 or 15) shots, which is just sily when you are hitting on threes and for only 140 points, oh and they have force weapons too...

    The reasoning is solid, and at least this year they put it out there early. Last year this was a last second change and it took a few players by suprise who had not been paying close enough attention.

  5. I think there are some issues with combat patrol for nids as their current codice was likely not tested under the points limit or format, but the new INAT for combat patrol at least allows you to roll in warriors, which in my opinion can make up for the lack of synapse while simultaneously adding a tough firebase unit to the board. I wouldn't go crazy upgrading them, rather I would make use of them in support of an overall base of fire, while using genestealers for skirmishing duty. Nids are a different beast T this level and make the most of firepower and descent assault as opposed to the opposite in larger formats.

    In terms of psykers in combat patrol, I think it is easy to make justifications when looking at individual units, but when you sit back and look at the whole, there are some units that could break the game in the current format.

    A solution to this could be drawn from the Special Operations Kill Zone rules, but when you allow some psykers but not all, you will have some angry players, given that Kz and CP are structured completely differently. Those are just my three cents though.

  6. Oh crap. I didn't see "with the exception of troops". Just the "2 wounds" thing. Boom.

  7. I think hive guard are also allowed as far as I can tell, which makes for some pretty nasty rhino busters.

  8. Exactly, hive guard can be run behind a screen, downing vehicles as they come up. Barbed Strangler Warriors could work very well with hive guard.

  9. Also, just a general <3 comment, but you guys are doing awesome with this blog and it is a must-check for my RSS feed. Great to see some capital-area 40kers bringing the pain on the interwebs.

    Would you take fantasy articles at all? I feel like there isn't enough fantasy stuff represented on blogs. Or I'm just reading the wrong blogs.

  10. Muggins, personally I would love to see some stuff about Fantasy, and if you are interested send us an email with a few samples of some articles. This is sometihng I will bring up with OST and some of the other Authors to see if we want to expand into that area and perhaps others.

    I am glad you enjoy reading us and hope you continue to do so.

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