Monday, November 25, 2013

TJ's Necron/ Chaos Allies at $250 Tourney Batrep Round 2!

TJ here with part two of the Blue Ox tourney I attended recently with my Necrons/ CSM army. For Part 1 to this report and a look at my list, check out this link, otherwise, continue here for part two and a peak at an amazing army.

My next game would pit me against Greg's Eldar:

Deployment: Greg won first turn and kept it, since his list was a very good Alpha Strike list against me and he also because it would allow him to move his skimmers and such. We rolled Vanguard deployment and Purge once again (another kill point game!)

His list was roughly:

Farseer ML3
Spirit Seer

Wraithknight with Suncannon
Warp Spiders
Dark Reapers with exarch (manning an Icarus Lascannon)
Bastion with Icarus

3 Warwalkers with lasers and lances

2x 5 Dire Avengers in Waves Serpents with Holofields
5 Wraithguard in Waveserpent with holofields

Turn 1:

Greg opens up on me with the Icarus (remember I haven't moved and guns with Skyfire hit skimmers at full BS), killing my warlord's barge. He then glances one of the annihilation barges. I am shaken at this point because he has so much fire and so much ability to deny my return fire. He deployed perfectly and one good turn from him can end my game early.

On my half of the turn I reply with little effect as his shields are up. That is literally about how well this turn went for me - nothing happened. I basically just manuevered to avoid barges being shot by wraithguards coming out of a serpent.

Turn 2:

Greg fires the Icarus and only manages to glance a barge, then has a rather ineffective round of shooting all around, causing him to fire his shields in an attempt to down more barges. Fortunately for me, I jinked all penetrating hits and only got glanced on a previously undamaged annihilation barge. I knew I would have to take advantage of this because if I don't, Greg with smoke me. He is a solid player and he has me on the back foot.

On my half of the turn, everybody came in. He attempted to intercept the Heldrake with the Icarus, firing two shots with the Dark Reaper exarch ... and hit twice ... and glanced once, then penetrated once, which was a shaken result, which daenomic possession shook off! Heldrake then flamed the Dark Reapers, killing all of them and wounding the icarus! I then managed to down all three wave serpents (I think this happened all in the same turn, either that or I destroyed two and immobilized one). I also managed to destroy the warwalkers. The Daemon Prince with Iron Arm up, flew behind the Bastion and prepared to bring it down the next turn.

Basically from here, I had pulled a lead on Greg that was hard to come back from. The game went to turn seven, but we matched each other for KP each turn. He would kill my Daemon Prince, I would kill his Spirit seer. He would kill my Cultists, I would kill a squad of Dire Avengers. The game was cagey as hell and it really involved me boosting barges out of range in the late game to avoid being shot and to take linebreaker, since he already had first blood. Greg also managed to nail down my warlord in turn 7. He never came back from the deficit, but this was one of the best games I have had all year. Good competition, great play on both sides and a full 7 turn game!

Before we wrap up this post, I just want to take a moment to say that Joe Behrend came out with an incredible Grey Knight army (I wish I took better photos! Joe, if you are out there, hit me up with some good shots and I will give these guys their own post!), but the army is actually Ordos Xenos recruited from many chapters, each with its own markings and little details. Each is a character model in its own right and was absolutely one of my favorite armies I have seen since moving to North Carolina over a year ago!

For more on this tourney, check out my first post and the list here! Thanks for reading and as always, comments are welcome.

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  1. It is great to read about two highly competitive xenos lists tearing each other apart, makes the usual 'pew pew' bolters at your marines seem a bit dull!