Monday, November 25, 2013

TJ's Necron/ Chaos Marines to $250 Tourney, Batrep and List Part 1!

TJ here with a little series of write ups from a tournament I attended the weekend before last. I took my Necrons with Chaos Space Marine Allies to Blue Ox games in Greenville, NC. I will talk about the store briefly, give a breif run down on the games and then talk about the list since I didn't really take many good photos. So here we go:

Alright, so recently Blue Ox held a tournament where the grand prize was $250 (they do this once a quarter, with monthly tourneys offing battle forces as top prize).

Once I heard this, I figured I could get a shot at playing some really good competition and possibly grab a sweet bag of models if I could come out on top. The store itself was a little hard to find, being in an older part of town, but once I found it, I was rather impressed by the size of the store. Inside, the store has a large open space, complete with a variety of products from GW to board games and I said "Well, this is a big space for a tourney." and that is when they took me upstairs to an enourmous loft - that being said, this store has endless potential for large events!

The staff were friendly, the bathroom was clean and as my opponents began to muster, I realized I was in for a tough day. My list was based around being hard to kill, while being very deadly, especially in turn 2. It is very different from my old Typhus plus Destroyer Lord list and also featured Necrons as the primary detachment.

It looked like this:


Overlord, Warscythe, Weave, Mind schackle scarabs, Command Barge
Overlord, Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Command Barge

3x 5 Necron Warriors in Night Scythes

3x Annihilation Barges

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, wings, armor, ML3, Black Mace
Heldrake with Baleflamer
Obliterator, Mark of Nurgle

Aegis w/ Comms Relay

SO basically, the concept is to place the 5 AV13 barges on the table and possibly the prince and hang tight until turn 2, which is when the massed firepower comes on and the fun really begins. Here is how it worked out for me:

Game 1 was against Pete and his Tau. He took roughly:

Shadowsun with 3x bodyguard with fusion guns
Toolbelt Commander

1 Burstcannon Riptide
1 Ion Riptide
3x plasma rifle suits

8 pathfinders

3x12 firewarriors

Lonstrike in a Rail cannon Hammerhead
Broadside team with tons of missiles!

Pete won first turn and took it. Deployment was Dawn of War and the Mission was Purge (which was determined randomly at each table, this plays a key factor in the tourney overall for me). Pete set up on his side of the board across from a huge piece of cover on my side of the board (this would be the only place I could have hid on my side of the board so he was betting that is where I would be). He deployed his pathfinders, longstrike, the fire warriors and the broadsides all to that far corner across from that terrain, then placed his riptides more toward the middle and kept the commander with the Bursttide. Shadowsun, then deployed far off toward the opposite corner.

I took one look at the table and where the firepower was consentrated, then remembered that the cover across from all those guns was basically worthless against Tau, so I just took the opposite corner, about 48+" away from most of his guns. With the maximum effective range of the marker lights and the broadsides at 36" and the plasma guns out of range, my barges had to weather one turn of S10 railfire and a S9 large blast, which luckily failed to do more than glance a barge.

I then pushed the annihilation barges toward shadowsun, fired all three into the squad, surprisingly killed her and the entire squad, drones and all, then boosted the command barges into the space she used to occuply. I also flew the Daemon Prince over there, who was already Iron Arm'd.

Turn 2:

Pete blasted the barges again, this time destroying a weapon on one of them as he manuevered the two riptides and the plasma team to threaten my Daemon Prince and screen my command barges from zipping down to his lines. In exchange, his crisis suits were now within reach of the annihilation barges.

On my half of turn 2, I got everything in, so the obliterator dropped down in the corner where Shadow Sun used to be, the scythes came on across from his army with the Heldrake and the Daemon Prince came to ground level to fight a riptide and commander. I shot two scythes at the side armor of Longstrike and did nothing, fired another scythe and a couple barges into the suit team and killed them all, vectored the pathfinders to half stregnth and flamed 10 firewarriors. I softened the Bursttide and commander up with some fire from the Daemon Prince (Smite and Tzeentch Beam thing) and also some plasma from the oblit. Between this and the assault from the DP, the Commander and Riptide were ran down and destroyed.

From here, Pete managed to take down a scythe and the Heldrake, but for the rest of the game, I stayed out of his reach, but plucking longstike from the board with a scythe and eventually making the Broadsides run from the board.

Pete is a good player, but made one deployment mistake that really hurt him in this game. I think he went on to beat his next two opponents, while I would go on to face Eldar ...

I will be posting parts of this tournament report throughout the day, so if you want to follow along, just check back regularly. Sorry I didn't take many pics!

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