Monday, September 23, 2013

Quick Tutorial: Sculpting Sockets/ Ports in flesh with Green Stuff

SO I have gotten a few e-mails concerning how to make sockets in flesh like I did with the Minotuar Daemon Prince above. First off, the method is one that I read about on Dave Taylor's blog and the post with the mini-tutorial can be found here. Anyway, I managed to pull it off quickly and easily, so I figured I would share a quick tutorial!

So you want to make sockets like these on your models? You can do it with nearly any size model as long as you have:
Sculpting tools
Plastic card tubing or rod (as long as it is hollow in the middle)
Something you can use to poke it, like a pin tool or a really tiny plasticard rod.

So first you want to mix up some Green Stuff, the put it down where you want it to go using a flat-ended sculpting tool as pictured behind the model. Then you are going to smooth it down flush with the flesh to make it blend in, leaving a little extra padding where your socket will be.

Then, you get a hollow rod the size you wish your final port to be and you stick it into the green stuff and give it a little wiggle.

Next, you poke the small "nipple" of green stuff left in the middle with your poker (mine was a small plastic rod) and bam, you have a nice fesh socket, which, once you paint all metal with irritated flesh around it, will look pretty cool.


  1. This is a very useful technique, TJ. I love the ring effect! I do something similar (without the concentric rings) but then glue a Tentacle Maker tube into the center of a pair of these sockets. I'll have to use your technique with the tubes, too!