Sunday, September 29, 2013

GT template search

The Michigan GT is into day two and as I walked around I was looking at tools of the trade. I stopped to admire Nick Mills' army and noticed some strange templates.


This first one is called The Q template. It's a small blast, large blast and flamer in one. However until I talked to him about it , I didn't realize it was also a scatter template. Basically if you scatter up to 8" this can be used. You simply place one of the numbers corresponding to the distance scattered over your point of origin and the blasts are centered on the narrow tip of the flamer. Pretty sweet tool

This other one he showed me after I asked about The Q Template. I didn't get it at first but after explained I had to get one of these as well. It's a 6" tac template that measures front to back. Rack side is the measurement for the 25mm, 40mm and 60mm bases. 

Pictured too is the ace flier from iron heart. Another cool template. The people over at ironheart artisians were generous enough to sponsor the Michigan GT and make their 90/45 arc template with our logo on it.  Special thanks were given to people who helped out, and those people received a MiGT ace flier. 

You can pick up the ace flier or the 45/90 at and for the month of October he will throw the MiGT logo on any template you order for no additional charge. You can get the at template or Q Template at

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