Monday, April 8, 2013

Test of Khaine Adepticon Primer Announcement

I want to take the opportunity this afternoon to help get the word out about the Test of Khaine, an annual tournament held at Evolution Games in Lansing, MI by my friend and fellow club member, SeerK AKA Josh as we know him. This year he is running the event as an Adepticon GT primer on April 13 and I have to say that he puts on a good show and Evolution has plenty of space for a huge event. With that said, I am sure some of the best players will also show up, so if you really want to test your Adepticon list and theory under the Primer Rules and FAQ, then this will be the place for people in Michigan to do it.
I have attended the last two tests and have to say at least one of the toughest games of my life was at last year's ToK and I wish I could make it out for this one. Here are the details straight from the Seer's mouth:

Well we are less than a week away from the Test Of Khaine.  I am excited for this year.  It marks the 3rd year of the tournament.  We already have some pre registered and the pre registration sheet is up at Evolution Games.  So give the shop a call and save your spot. Their number is  (517) 323-8600.

Just to go over the detail again.  We are starting registration at 10 am and I want to get started by 11 am.  The entry fee is $10.  it will be a 3 round tournament using the Adepticon Primer missions.  And as promised the 3 missions are, mission 1, 3 and 5.  So study well.  Remember playing to the mission wins the day!

The updated FAQ is also now up on the Adepticon site.  Here is the link.

And there you have it folks, get signed up if you haven't already and take part in this Primer event. In any case, get down there and shake hands with some DFG Alumni and get three games of 40k in. As always, make sure you check out and follow Craftworld Lansing for more on this tournament and access to a great blog by one of my true friends.

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