Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gorilla Daemon Prince Finished, Fully Painted!!

Tj here to show off the fully painted Gorilla Daemon Prince that I have been working on. Since he is basically a giant flying ape, I will call him Bananas! Bananas was a hell of a lot of fun to paint and I want to show off some pics, talk a little about the paint job and about the "Army of the Apocalypse" not to be confused with an apocalypse army. So let's take a look at the photos:

If you want to know how Bananas was built, check out the Label "Gorilla" which will include this post and the previous two posts on construction. If not, we will move on and talk about paint. Bananas' yellow armor was based in Tausept Ochre and then washed Seraphim Sepia, the mostly rebased with Tausept Ochre, then I added the weathering, which was a scratch of Scorched Brown, filled in almost completely with Vermin Brown, then again with Leadbelcher. I then highlighted most of the area around the weathering and the armor plate facing up with Iyanden Darksun, Finally, I highlighted select edges around each weathered spot with Flash Gitz Yellow.

Bananas' flesh was painted using the Corrupted Flesh tutorial with a few minor tweeks to make for some variations in the wings ect. If I end up talking about those tweeks it will be in a different post.

Sorry for the blurry photo, but I just want to show the model off at all angles.

The spine and all of the metal pistons and his claws were all based in Leadbelcher, then washed with Fuegan Orange (this wash is the best!). I then want back and painted the metal Leadbelcher again, leaving the orange in the recesses. Finally, I highlighted the metal parts with Chainmail.

I have to say again just how pleased I am with the Helbrute as a base model. It has all these little extra details that just tie a conversion together.

There are tons of little exposed pieces of cable and eyes all over this model, but many of them are hidden from plain sight. With that in mind, I painted a series of cables above his head to show off the blues. I ran them through the full gamut of blues from Kantor to Ceremite and all the colors and 50/50 blends in between.

The filigree was based in Snakebite Leather, then painted Brass scorpion, highlighted in Dwarf Brass and then line highlighted in Runelord Brass.

The horns and bones were all based in Scorched Brown, then painted with Graveyard Earth, then Karnack Stone and then barely dusted with Bone. The tongue was painted Warlock Purple, then Genestealer Purple and then highlighted once in Pink Horror and finally in Emperor's Children.

For those of you who have been enjoying the base I have this model mounted on, so have I. I picked up 20 40mm and 5 more 60mm bases from Ironheart Artisans to go with this one. The bases are so textured that they take paint and powders soooo well. Check out their site for these Ravaged Temple bases.

The base was based in Mechinicus Dark Grey (or whatever it is called, it's dark) and then washed in Agrax Earthshade. I then came back and painted all but the recesses the mechanicus grey again. I then painted the slightly higher bumps and above Dawnstone and finally drybrushed the greys with Fortress Grey. I then painted the white parts in Karnack Stone, washed Earthshade, then another layer of Karnakc, then Bone on the higher bumps and finally I edge highlighted the very edges with Ceremite.

Finally, the base was powdered with Vallejo Dark Umber and then given some GF9 dead grass.

Here is an overexposed shot so you can see some of that blue work I talked about.

The toenails were painted using the same method as the bones and horn, though I was tempted to give him a fire engine red, sexy toenail, haha.

Overall, I really enjoyed painting the model and look forward to adding some more MCs to this for a full MC army! For those of you wondering about the bizarre yellow and blue and other non-traditional Chaos colors, I can explain ...

When Chris Vinton and Chuck Groff and I went to our last tourney together, I was joking about how my army had robots, UFOs and zombies and dragons, disease and Daemons all at the same time. We joked that it was like all of the theories on how the world would end wrapped up into one idea. Well, I really liked the idea and I REALLY like the yellow scheme! SO, I painted this Daemon to match this concept and as you can see with the Typhus model, things are starting to come together. I think it is a good opportunity to have some unique models and paint schemes, themed allies and a lot of fun bafoonery all in the same concept while still bringing some serious lists to the tables.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed Bananas, the flying monkey daemon prince. Comments and feedback are always appreciated.


  1. This was one of these brilliant ideas which come once in a lifetime! Very nice indeed!

  2. Awesome work, man! Interesting use of an orange wash over the metal, I really dig how that turned out - definitely going to be giving it a shot. Love the bronze/brass as well, that looks fantastic.

    Nothing wrong with yellow and blue - traditionally those are Tzeentchian colors, and work well set off against each other.

    Looking forward to seeing what's next!

    1. When you go through the paint rack take a good look. I never even knew there were orange and yellow shades. Some of these new paints are great. Try nightshade the next time you get a chance man, you will love it.

  3. Nice! on a die note, apart from Kamadan minis, where can we get 28mm ape-heads? My friend runs a Chaos warband called the savage fangs that are Chaos Apes....ape heads are hard to find without mutilating other minis

    1. I have have no idea. I would love to do d some though. This is just the mouth from a ghorgon.

  4. Very nice!...and how the Heck did you get it done so fast!!

  5. Thank you very much everyone. You guys have blown me away with support for my projects and I am very glad you like the work! I plan to add this guy to the bestiary of huge monsters and freaks I have built over the years.

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You make me want to actually convert and paint chaos. You make it look like more than just some bubbly, pustulent crap, but actually some amazing work. I know I shouldn't be surprised considering your calibre of work, but seriously, you make me want to work on chaos models.

    Well done sir!

  7. Looks fantastic. The flesh and yellow are both very well done.

  8. Dude!!! I am so bummed we couldn't hang again at Adepticon!!! Love the model - I will end up doing something else with that Hellbrute too hahaha.

    Flying MC smash is a lot of fun to play with Magical abilities.