Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Model news - not just for Blood Angels

Lost in the storm of comments about the Blood Angels Dreadnaught and the Storm Raven, Forgeworld came out with an announcement today about their next set of models - 2 of which are already up for order.  The Eldar get a set of new toys, the Warp Hunter tank destroyer, and the Shadow Spectre aspect warriors.  These are set to be published in Imperial Armour Volume 11: "The Doom of Mymeara", but are available for pre-order now, and actually going out next week.

First off is the the Warp Hunter - that of the massive gun.  Experimental rules here:

This vehicle, while sharing the speed and armor profile of the rest of the Wave Serpent/Falcon family, mounts a devestating weapon - the D-Cannon.  For everyone that has ever wanted a 36" range barrage blast weapon that wounds on a 2+, causes instant death on a 6, and is AP 2 - well, Merry Christmas.  And for your happy new year, the Eldar have apparently cross-bred their D-Cannons with IG Hellhounds, because the Warp Hunter can also fire the weapon in template mode - place the narrow end of the template within 6" of the weapon, and now your D-Cannon can ignore cover!  I can already see SeerK drooling at the anti-Marine possibilities.  Prices start at 125 points, but with survivability upgrades (Holo-fields, Spirit stones), expect to pay around 170 - and you best buy those Holo-Fields, because this is going to be a high priority target until that first weapon destroyed result.

On the infantry side, we see the new Shadow Spectres - jet pack troops armed with chibi-Prism Cannons.  Experimental rules here:

These guys are pricey - expect to pay in the range of 200 points for a squad of 5 with upgrades.  But they sure pack a punch.  Each is armed with a Prism rifle - Str 6, AP 2.  Only 12" range, but don't get discouraged by that yet.  Just like their larger brothers, they can combine fire, using their Ghostlight rule - +1 str for each additional member, +12" range, and they gain the lance rule.   So all 5 can fire a Str 10 lance at 60".  And with their jet packs (and the fact that they can measure LOS from a single member doing the shooting), they can do this from behind cover, using jump-shoot-jump tactics that we've seen from the Tau.  Worried about missing with their Lance shot?  They can take an exarch power that allows them to re-roll missed Ghostlight shots - BS 4 re-rollable aught to be fairly reliable.  And since the Exarch can choose to join the Ghostlight shot or not, let's get 2 anti-vehicle shots a turn - he can be equipped with a 36" range Haywire launcher - one that pens on a 5-6, not just a 6 like current grenades (this may be a typo - remember, experimental rules).

They also come with Acute Senses, Deep Strike, and a 5+ invul save, but let's face it - hiding is going to be their best defense.  The exarch can also buy Hit and Run as an exarch power, but I don't think it would be worth it - you have a max of 5 models, T3, with 4+/5++ armor (except the exarch who is a 3+), and one wound each.  Unless you're being charged by Guard, you are probably not surviving the charge.  Admittedly, if you get charged by a couple out-flanking Scout Sentinels or War Walkers, this would be a hugely useful thing to have - you have literally NOTHING that can hurt even armor 10 in close combat.

Both look like very solid options, also possibly a little expensive (as most ForgeWorld stuff tends to be).


  1. I am very much looking forward to this! Sounds awesome!

  2. The models are very pretty, especially the sleek aspect warriors, and they fit the range well. I like how they've updated the old Epic-scale mini. It really is recognisable as a warp hunter.