Thursday, January 20, 2011

DFG Painting Challenge; The guantlet has been thrown down! Salamanders Predator Pics!

OST and I have been talking about, and are now officially in a personal painting challenge with each other. Our challenge is pretty simple, complete one kill point to a high standard every 2 weeks. There is nothing on the line for either of us, but since about 40% of our relationship revolves around being competitive with each other there's buckets of Scottish Pride on the table.

Despite this being a personal challenge, we're inviting all of the DFG readers to participate in this new section of the DFG blog. If you would like to be part of this, we will post your pictures and any comments you might have to add to them in a weekly post. Just email them to us. This of course is dependent on participation so if the invitation isn't picked up by anyone then we'll just post whenever we get the stray person to send a picture.

OST and I added the "to a high quality" for ourselves. If you did want to keep pace with the challenge, feel free to send us what you're doing. The spirit of this and any painting challenge is to just get people to start putting brushes to models.

Now, with all that said, OST started off with his DREADCLAW last week and here is my answer; the first of three Salamander Predators.

My personal goal for this whole year as painting was to stop making as OST says, "fresh off the parade deck" models. I need more models from the grim dark future.

I combined everything I know about weathering and just started throwing those techniques at it until it looks like it came out right. I know it can be better defined and I'll be spending some quality time over at Mr. Justin's site to watch his weathering skillz in action.

My goal with this salamanders army was to make it super fluffy (through painting, not list building) and so I've made a list of names for everyone of my tanks. This one is called Iron Fury. There not incredibly creative, but they were a better use of my time than listening to the same four hour orientation that I've had three times.

And here is a collage of pictures.

This is actually a chaos predator, which is how I got the dragon ends for the lascannons. The kit comes with everything you need to make a space marine pedator and 2 chaos sprus with spikes and skulls and chains and chaos stuff. All that's missing is that little half spru with the regular space marine stuff on it. I've made so many space marine tanks in the past that I have those sprus hanging out everywhere in my bits box

This head is from the space marine tac squad box and by far, my most favorite head for space marines they make. I love how it looks on salamanders because the contrast between the metal and black skin is amazing. If you don't know what to get me for christmas, its these heads out of your bits boxes.

OST put some light sourcing on his rhino so I had to throw down with that too. With the airbrush its super easy and always impresses.

For the weathering I used the salt chip with a black primer, brown under coat and then the green base coat. Then for the streaking I used the water soluable oil paint method. After that I used sepia ink from RW to get that pooled look in the corners. Like I said, I took everything I knew about weathering and just threw it at this model until it worked.

And of course I had to keep my crown as the modular king. the weapon options are completely magnetized along with the rhino set up. Once I'm done with my armor painting and building I'll have 3 predators, 1 vindicator and 3 razor backs who's rhino frames will all be interchangeable with themselves and rhinos.


  1. Seriously! Could you paint any better? Wow, I will now go back to the lab to try to overcome this amazing predator.

    Btw, the hilarious cat photo wouldn't come up on my Work computer, so for those of you in the same boat, check it out again with a home computer because cats + Cocaine = An hour of laughter.

    ... but yes, the competition/ motivation is open to all and we will gladly post your stuff!

  2. I hate both of you fockers, I get done painting, and think oh wow I did a nice job on that...lets go see what DFG has going on.

    And when I get done looking at your work I realize I have to do 2 things to keep the fantasy that I can paint alive.

    1) never let them on the table with either of you
    2) Block all images on DFG

  3. Hey, OST an I both whore out our services.

  4. Yes we do and even though I charge too little and have plenty of my own stuff to paint, I seem to keep taking on projects.Your stuff looks awesome, R3con, I don't know why you would feel self concious at all. The Lions are one of my favorite local armies.

  5. KKKKKKKK Yeah

    I do cocaaaaaine!

    Archon Roxo loves ya baby.

  6. SeerKarandras, best reply to a Warhammer related post I have ever seen. +1

    I'm a rock 'n roll clown, I do cocaaaaaaaaaine!


    P.s. That tank looks bloody awesome by the way!

  7. All right, then, I'm in too. Of course, my painting sucks compared to you guys, but following that schedule should be just about right to have everything ready to go for Adepticon.

    First on the list - the Chimera I just added to the list. Will paint by Jan 31.

  8. I might join in on this as well, however I am going to have to wait a week until I can afford paint, brushes and base coat.

  9. Awesome, then we have a competition or a painting league or whatever we want it to evolve into!

  10. Vogrin, Steve, you guys rock!

    Seer, Rockzo will always have a special place in my heart and Allison will always hate him because there are days where everything see says is followed by me say "kakakakakakakaka YEAH!"

  11. hey im not up to scratch with the jargen n all that, what exactly equates to a kill point?

    ill join on in, just a matter of gettin some pics taken as i do stuff... :S