Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Rise of the Plasmacutioner....

Alright, so everyone knows that Leman Russes are amazing, and everyone knows that plasma guns kill things... So why is it that people seem to fight the idea of a Leman Russ Executioner (Or as we at the local FLGS the Plasmacutioner)? I personally think the problem stems from people's concept of what the tank itself can do, on-top of its point costs. So lets delve into this wonderful machine for a moment and think about it ...

The LR can really be viewed as one of two things, a tank buster or a troop killer. With a few rare breeds being able to do both... Oh wait... thats not true at all, with the side sponsons available on LR as well as the change outs possible for the hull mounted gun you can do whatever you want. Along with the fact that no top weapon on a LR can go below STR 5 (which by the way has 20 shots not counting side sponsons) meaning it can still kill the lowly Rhino/Razorback by glancing it to death.

However we are here to talk about the LR Executioner, and along with side sponson Plasma Cannons and a hull mounted lascannon (yes I make this baby expensive as balls, but its worth it) becomes one of the best troop killers, takers away of feel no pain, instant death to all T 3 models, armor 10/11 vehicle blower upper there is around. The proof is in the pudding really.

Last night I played a rough game against Old School's Nids, dealing them a defeat in some of the most brutal game play I have ever had (especially against him, hes getting closer and closer to beating me ) and it showed in the final tally of kill points, in which I won 9-7 in an 1850 list which I ran one (and i recommend only one) Plasmacutioner.

By itself the plasma cannons took out 3 hive guard, (two from one squad, one from another) put 4 wounds on 1 trygon, 3 wounds on another, killed off a spore pod and inflicted 3 wounds on a fed Doom of Malan'tai (before it succumbed to a lascannon shot from a vet squad the next turn) All in all it more than made up for its points, and saved my ass when i needed it most, just ask OST... I'm sure he will agree.

This isn't the only time its performed for me, I have had it take out whole 10 man squads of Termies, make Nob Squads of Doom disappear into thin air (on bikes or not) and tear apart Rhinos and Razorbacks (and even a Chimera or two).

Yes it is expensive, but at 1850 there is plenty of room for it in your Guard list, trust me, I still had three other LR in my list (mmmm Vanquisher with Pask) plus the rest of my army. So I challenge you guard players... and warn you other armies... to check it out or watch out for it.

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always....



  1. Got one last year...Love it!
    I put Pask in mine, to make it even more over the top...but still worth the points.

  2. Holy crap yes, yes and more yes. A plasmacutioner (good name!) goes in every single list I make these days. It's just too good. Light tanks, heavy infantry, normal infantry, monstrous creatures... it does it all! Just keep it out of melta range and it will keep on killing for the entire game.

    I personally run mine with just a hull hvy bolter or flamer. I generally keep it on the move, so the lascannon would have been a wasted shot anyway. Plus it saves me 15 points, an important consideration with an already expensive tank.

  3. My plasma templates tend to scatter wildly meaning it often doesn't do too much other than terrify my opponents.

  4. Totally agree with everything except the comment about the punisher glancing a rhino or razor back to death.... that's a lot of consecutive 6s. Punisher is ap - so with a glance your actually -3 on the chart.

  5. I use it all the time, especially deadly against marines- for me the problem comes when you begin to scatter against orcs which is why I use a heavy bolter instead of a las on mine

  6. I have to agree completely. In one game I had recently, my Plasmacutioner killed 14 Chaos Terminators, 2 Terminator Lords, Typhus, and a Daemon Prince, all by turn 4. This was a megabattle, so the target-rich environment may have helped a little, but I have to say I <3 my Plasmacutioner. BS 3 is largely irrelevant when everything you shoot is a template, and the increased rear armor makes it much less vulnerable to infantry.

  7. Though I know what you mean Captian Obvious, It still is possible (though not recommended)

    Max, try running it with the side sponsons and a lascannon and see the results, trust me you might like it.

  8. Great Post Steve. The Plasmacutioner was the MVP in the battle we had last night, giving you the extra wounds needed to squeek out the victory. I feel a cold war starting between my Nids and your Guard! Seriously though, when you are firing that many templates at a single target, you're going to wound it!

  9. I fully agree, although I run my stygies pattern with 3 hvy bolters and a hvy stubber, it makes things cry. And don't forget the increased armor!

  10. why can't space wolves have Leman Russes back (dead horse, i know)? it makes me so sad.