Thursday, December 2, 2010

The DFG Banner Contest! We Have A ... 3 Finalists!?

 Old School here with news from the trenches in the banner contest. Not only did I play in an extremely tough game of 40k last night with my Drop Nids squaring up with Lord Solar Steve's Gun of the Guard, we also had a bit of tough decision making to do regarding the banner contest ...

After looking at the feedback from the comments, texting all of the writers day in and day out, meeting and talking about it and each person pushing for what they thought was best or what had the most potential, we (the authors) actually came to a three way tie, but in DFG, much like in 40k, we prefer to have a winner no matter how narrow the victory, so we decided that the three that tied up would become finalists. Below are the three banner finalists!

Muffin's Entry
I know what you are thinking "But OST, what the hell does that mean? You indecisive bastards were supposed to pick ONE!" Well, each of the Banners had something to it we thought spoke directly to us whether it be artistically, thematically or just plain awesomeness - but each was just a small reach from what we would call the "it" banner.

Fartbrush's Entry
 So, the idea now is to privately contact each finalist via e-mail this evening, throw some of our ideas at them about the banner and then see what happens. The finalists will have until Saturday, December 11th to send their updated banner back to us.

Nesbet's Entry
Once we have the banners, we will make a decision (we are going to limit ourselves to 24 hours) on the final banner and monday morning, the winner's banner will fly at the head of Dark Future Games and the winner will also walk away with a GW box valued up to $40 (Yes, the stakes got higher and so did the prize! no direct orders, only current models).

To all those who participated in this contest, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I never thought we would get so many responses and at the standard of quality we did. The whole process of choosing finalists was extrememly tough and almost included a fourth banner. Thank you for your participation and thank you to the community for all the support, links and great comments in this contest! As always, comments and feedback are always welcome.


  1. Congrats to the finalists and I'm looking forward to seeing their rush for the win.

  2. They're great looking images, but all three fail at making the text actually stand out from the image. (Nesbet's text isn't too bad)

    I don't mean to be a dick, but a stipulation of winning should be adding something to the text to make it readable against the background.

  3. That's part of the private e-mails.

  4. CVinton just brought a great idea to my attention. ALL of the runners up will have their banners run for at least one day here at DFG in honor of their work and their contribution, so be on the look out for that soon!

  5. Alright then! Thank you very much for selecting me as a finalist! =D

    I'll do my best, trying to accomplish your needs of modification to my banner!

    See ya!

    PS: And congrats to the other 2 finalists!

    PS2: And again, thank you very much, to everyone who has supported me! THANKS!

  6. It's been a great contest. Three very worthy finalists. Good luck to you all. For what it's worth, muffin's entry is shading it in my book so far!

  7. thx for that sidney <3

    i have now sent my banner to the goverment. so we will se what happens. and the best of luck to therest of u, may the best banner win ( tho we all are winners in my book)

    im off to get my self a beet now.

    love muffin ^^