Monday, December 13, 2010

Ironclad Dread Conversion

After retooling the list I needed an ironclad. I love these guys and was really excited to get on on the table again. So I picked one up a few days ago and just finished the conversion work to make him fit in with the heavily customized salamanders army.

I wanted to make the center sarcophagus part different. I combined bits from the venerable dread kit and the skull piece is from the defense line kit (the one with 2 twin auto cannons). With the use of a seam scraper, dremel and plasticard it didn't come out half bad. There are still a few big gaps but I'm over it. I have to keep on my mentality of my previous post about having too much on my plate. I have this whole flippin' army to paint before January 7th and last thing I need to do is toil over tiny cracks I'd only be concerned about if I wanted to enter it in a big-boy competition.

The HK's are magnetized. The lights are from the underbelly of a landspeeder and the smoke lauchers are from a normal smoke launcher I just cut and pinned them so they're all more forward facing. The normal smoke launcher didn't fit right and was pushing my HK's out to the side.

I really like the claw that the ironclad sports and have always wanted to have him crushing something in it. So I dug around the bits box and found this poor, poor traitor guardsmen. He should have thought twice...

I really didn't do much as far as greenstuff for this guy. I heated up his legs and bent them to look like they were hanging and then just kind of cut and scaled some of the arms from the IG bits line to fit. His right hand had to be cut off and repositioned and then I just filled in the very large gaps with green stuff.

I did have to cut the fingers off the original dread and then remake the piping in between using plasticard. There is a pin that goes from the arm to the fingers and runs through the pipe for extra stability. It really was a pretty easy conversion to be honest. On the guardsman, I just filed little slot-like sections on his body to make them look slightly sunk in. The width of my triangular file is the exact width of the finger so it really worked out perfectly.

The last thing I did was I took the hammer of my thunderwolf guy and gave it to the dread. I loved that Wolf Lord but he's not in my main army, and I don't plan on playing that super cheesy power gamer thunderwolf list very often. Its fun occasionally but in the end its just not fair to anyone but IG with battle psykers.

I basically just stuck the hammer had on the end and globed some GS around it. Then I had an extra bit from the vindicator; that thing on the back that holds the shell. I just rounded that with the larger sander bit and it was the same arc as the arm itself so it just set on there nicely. The GS between the hammer head and the arm is the last area I have to work before I get to painting. I think I'm just going to wrap it in chain to make it easier. (I'm lazy like that)

I plan on doing more paint work with flames and icons than creating them to paint like I did on the landraider. I think it'll be a good contrast and keep the 'wow' factor of the land raider uncontested.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!


  1. Wow, that look really awesome, CVinton. I like the way you fit in the lamps and the smoke launcher mod. The whole model looks really threatening and reminds me of some kind of venerable Iron Clad. Great representation of the Salamander Legion.

  2. Man, this is really nice work! I especially like the crush-Guard fist, since it seems like something I could recreate. :)

  3. honestly, it was pretty easy. It's all made of a tank commander that comes with any ig tank. Its the binocular arm and the wave arm. I just cut up the wave arm.

  4. That is a really nice conversion, thanks for posting it!

  5. VERY nice work. You do the chapter proud. :)