Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Deathbringer's WIP Warhound Titan

Old School here with some pics I just received over my phone as I crawl into bed after an exiting evening of nyquil and muscato! The pics came from a local player who goes by the name deathbringer on the blogs. He has been slaving away on a warhound Titan since he received it in the mail a couple weeks ago from forge world and now that he has it base coated and ready for the first stage of washes, he is ready to show it off. Keep in mind the images also came from a phone.

I am sure Deathbringer will comment total about his steps and the blog he is releasing soon, which will be based around daemons I assume. I will pomp that when it is finally up, but for now, I leave the floor open to comments and criticism and of course to Deathbringer so he can further explain his paint scheme, his future blog and anything else that strikes his fancy. My parting shot will just be to say that I hope the paintjob helps it shake off those outflanking fire dragons a little easier! Enjoy!


  1. Looking good for a first coat finish - Iron Warriors?

  2. well it wasn't supposed to be iron warriors but after finishing the first coat and looking at it that's kinda how it looks ha. its supposed to be for a warband of my own design which i haven't named yet but that's the color scheme. And I am in the progress of creating my own daemon specific blog which i am working on getting up and running as soon as i can. Once I have it up and running i'm sure old school will write a post about it.