Friday, October 15, 2010

Khorne Thunderwolf Cavalry: Thunder Hammer Lord Complete!

Old School here and the marathon of hobby continues! Here is the completed (99% anyway) Forge World Khorne Lord On Juggernaut with Thunderhammer! I am very happy to have this model painted as it marks another step in the 14th Black Crusade.

I decided to stick with the iron and brass colors on the juggernaut as they provide a nice contrast to the World Eater's armor. I love the Forge World kits, the head is actually from the FW WE terminator kit. I would never attempt this project with plain GW zerks.

As I look at these photos I see the 1% not completed like where i used a GS joint to fasten the jugger to the base and a couple spots that need light effects on the hammer.

CVinton, I hope you enjoy the Salamander head on the back ... get used to it, buddy!

These plastic juggers are a dream to work with and if you have any excuse to field them in your army, pick them up. Keep the comments rolling, I will be slaving away in the workshop for the rest of the night!


  1. really nice, especially like the silver blood crusher armour

  2. He must have just found that helmet or something, because it sure as shit wasn't taken from a marine. And if it was, I bet it was from some lesser salamander tribe, not the forge father's.

  3. Oh no, you will see soon that it will be taken from one of the ThunderDrogon Chief's own personal guard, right before the big himself goes down!!!!!