Saturday, October 16, 2010

Black Legion Rhino for the 14th Black Crusade!

Old School here and while I know Rhinos are not the most exiting thing to post, they are an essential and therefore must be painted. Back when I first started Chaos ('07), I grabbed a number of rhinos, slapped the basic colors on them and left them alone - a shame considering they have graced tables in at least 6 states since then.
This was one of my very first rhinos and the tentacles and painted on arrow were a part of it back in the day, but the tentacles remained unpainted and the arrow has been a little light and messy. I repainted all the black surfaces, then retouches all the gold with Game Colour's Brass followed by GW's Shining gold and a Devlan Mud wash (love dirt and grime and tarnish - these tanks have been to a lot of fights after all)!

The tentacles were painted mechrite, then tentacle pink (great pot to have around still) and washed leviathan purple. It was really great to paint something that I have neglected for so long and hopefully my opponents will appreciate it after I have ran these things so shabbily (funny how I have apinted other peoples' stuff and most of a second army, yet neglected my first real army).

There is a healthy amount of graffiti on this rhino and I did it for a couple reasons 1) I really like the old rogue trader Marines with their graffiti on their armor for kills and such 2) It breaks up the dullness of the rhino, especially when you see anywhere from 3-14 chassis on the table and 3) These guys are traitors, baby! and rather than paint really artistic stuff on each rhino, I would rather make it look like something that may have been drawn by a Black Legionnare prior to battle.
Before anyone points out to me that the Sons of Horus were the XVI legion, I will inform you that the XIV is there to denote the 14th black crusade and it will be on each of my vehicles.

finally, the arrow is there because, like I said I did it back in the day, but also it will be cool when all the rhino chassis get done and I have them arranged to display a massive eight pointed star. This wraps up the project marathon from yesterday, though I am by no means done for the weekend! There is plenty more to come and if I ever find my charger - a video as well.
Feedback is appreciated and just out of curiosity has anyone else ever been through the situation of neglecting your first army as I have mine? Love to hear about it for motivation!

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  1. Looks cool, good work on the weathering and freehand writing and symbols.