Sunday, January 3, 2010

Inheriting the showcase Black Templars

Old School here,
In efforts to bolster his funds for other army goals, Captain Obvious has sold me his showcase Templars. This is a sad thing to think of, but at the same time very exiting for me! I am getting 2 forge world dreads, a really awesome Marshal and Emporer's Champ, not to mention 60+ Black Templars with metal M4 heads, metal BT Backpacks and each bearing 2 Black templar shoulder pads .... and every swinging one has his weapons chained on (from the conversion kit!)
This army has been started with only the highlighting and finishing touches to be done on the troops and several models which have yet to be painted ... so I have my work cut out for me completing C.O.'s work along with a little more work expanding this army to include a couple Land Raiders, forge world upgrades for them and som termies with forge world upgrades.
Keep your eye out for more on this army in addition to the World Eater's army I am now underway painting (currently the Brass Scorpion is my test model!)
Edit: I just realized the pics were small, they came from a previous post here:

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