Sunday, August 30, 2009

Showcase Black Templar WIP

I went over to Evolution Games this weekend and Pat brought his budding Black Templars army that he has been painstakingly building over the course of the last month. When I saw it, I had to post it.
He started this off right by collecting Metal Black Templar shoulder pads (enough for 2 per Marine). The he got Metal Ferrum pattern Helmets for every Marine and even got his hands on enough Templar backpacks for his whole army. Every Bolter and close combat weapon in his army are all from the Templar upgrade sprues (weapons chained to the Marines.)
The army you see in these photos is based so far, but I think it is still imposing. He is in the process of painting red crosses freehand anto all the helmets and not only painting the shoulder pads white, but also the weapons. The only two models that are finished are his Emperor's Champion (model in the last photo with the green sword) and his Marshal (second to last photo with lighning claws)> Both of these models are outstanding to include small amounts of source lighting. If you would like to see more of those two just ask and I will get better photos of just those.
Perhaps the most impressive peice in his Templars is his Forgeworld venerable Dreadnought. The Templar Dread is a beatiful scupt on Forge World's part and his WIP paintjob is amazing so far! He is taking his time however as this model has TONS of hidden, little details (ie the tiny squares on the tiny sheilds on the purity seals. Enjoy the photos and let me know if you want more of Pat's Templars!


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