Monday, December 21, 2009

The 6th Day of Khornemas! The Skull Champ!

Old School here with the 6th Night of Khornemas! Tonight I decided to go ahead and make the Skull Champion! I made him using the Forge world parts, Zerk legs, the standard Chaos bolt pistol arm and powerfist, the alternate head from the Fantasy Khorne Lord on Juggernaught, a possessed backpack and the icon from a Bloodletters box. All in all, he was a lot of fun and the pinning has gotten so easy lately that it seems second nature to pin something and to match up holes without even second guessing.
Anyway, he has six Khorne symbold hidden (and not so hidden) on him and his base ... I know the photos are not the greatest, but they are there, which brings me to ...
On the 6th Day of Khornemas the Blood God gave to me ... Six Bloody symbols, a flying f@*@ing madman, 4 possessed limbs, 3 severed skulls, 2 pistols packing and a berserker somewhat leaping!
I also gave you a family photo of the squad so far as a bonus! Merry Khornemas to all and to all a Bloody Night!

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