Saturday, January 14, 2017

Choosing a color scheme for my Bloodbound

TJ here and I want to discuss possible color schemes for my Khorne Bloodbound army for Age of Sigmar. Initially, I wanted to lean away from things I have done before and I also actually don't enjoy the typical Khorne all-red-and-brass scheme. The first scheme that grabbed my eye was the very Black Legion style above. Honestly, It is still a strong favorite of mine. I also would be open to running this scheme and all models in the army having red skin even. Let's take a look at some of the additional ideas. BTW, these examples are from all over the web and are not my models.

Another look I really like is that of the Iron Horde and I have seen some variations I really like for this army ... but it also feels like it looks like an effortless army and not in a good way. I also feel like it limits my options for colors in the armor. If anything, I may off set it with red panels here and there to offset the metallic. Not my favorite, but in the running.

Another great example of that Black Legion style ...

Now those of you who have been with me a while know that I love yellow. Like LOVE it and I have a fairly huge yellow chaos army already, including Daemon engines which could translate to AoS pretty easily and still be useful in 40k.

Here is another black armor choice, but I am slightly intrigued by the boltgun color for the trim.

I am also open to wildly different colors like the blue pattern above. I actually really like the blue Khorne models I have seen all over the internet.

My heart does keep coming back around to my old stand by though. A well established scheme ...

My Army of the Apocalypse scheme that I started in 2012 is pretty well developed. Whites, bone, bruised flesh, black/ purple robes, cool blues, bright yellows, some greens are established here and there.

 Here is another example. I made this scheme for 40k, but as you can see, much of it is very versatile. It is not an easy scheme, but I have mastered it and can move through it quickly. I'm just not sure if I want to approach this new army with my old tricks, even if those tricks are really good.

What are your thoughts?