Monday, January 16, 2017

Wargamers: How do you blog from your phone?

So, you guys know I am back now, but I am struggling to find an app that is easy to use for Blogger on my iPhone. I absolutely cannot make posts from the web version of the Blogger dash (all the photo menus and stuff are infuriating. I have tried a couple of apps, but they weren't able to see recent photos from my phone, only week-old or older photos. I used to have a great blogger app years ago, but it isn't there any more. I am wondering what you use and if it works easily.

Another question I have is: Do you even use blogs as your main source of looking at cool models and keeping up with the hobby? I can tell you I really don't. I am all over Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for my hobby needs and I never really look to the blogs as my first source for any of it, even news.

What's your experience? What are your thoughts? How are you taking in your hobby?


  1. Honestly, about 5/6 of my blogging is done on my mobile device. I don't hardly ever have problems using the mobile version of Blogger. The only drawback is that I can only select one photo at a time while uploading photos and since my posts tend to be photo heavy that can take a bit of time. Otherwise, I don't really have any complaints.

  2. I had the same problem with my iPad, my app was no longer available. I recently have been using one called Blogo, it' not that bad. I have yet to try it from my phone. But your photos come directly from your phone/pad or you can even link it to cloud services to retrieve your photos. Controlling one blog is free, I believe they charge for multiople blog support.

  3. I use blogger, and it's awful - I have to sign in on a laptop and use the website once I've written the bulk of the post on my mobile device to do things like make pictures a sensible size and align with the body of the text, add hyperlinks and so on...

    1. And on the bogs front, yes I do, although admittedly as I follow a couple of 'news' blogs that post several times a day the actual hobbyist content that I want is sometimes a bit buried in my feed! I've started using Instagram a lot more for hobby stuff recently though (I started a separate hobby account: deadleadproject)

  4. I use my RSS feed daily to check up on blogs, but my own blog has been dead for years. I struggle with the same questions as you do. My blog was a great engine to keep the hobby running, but is it still worth while to restart? And what app should I use. In other words thanks for the topic, I'll be following it closely :)

  5. Welcome back TJ! I don't use blogger so can't help you there. But I can tell you that blogging isn't dead. Social is great to see pretty pictures but terrible for tutorials, long form editorials, or organizing your own work. I'm constantly referencing old blog posts (including many of yours) to link to or help with specific problems.

  6. I want is sometimes a bit buried in my feed! I've started using Instagram a lot more for hobby stuff recently though. Best stuff