Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fateweaver and new Changeling spotted!

TJ here to talk about some photos going around the internet right now. Of course I am back to my Chaos ways (though I am back mostly as an Age of Sigmar player now! I saw the Lord of Change last week and got excited. I already knew the kit had Fateweaver in it, but I have waited all week to see what he might look like! There are more pics below as well as a link to a decent initial review.

Fateweaver looks good in the grainy pics and if he looks good there, I bet he will be great in person. I didn't like Magnus initially, but after handling the model, I love him. That's now my gauge for new GW models. Another model I really like is the changeling, which is a million miles ahead of the Finecast version of the model. The fish headed snake is a nice touch.
Here are the skyfire Tzaangors. This kit is a multi-kit and there are plenty more photos HERE along with a great write up. Feel free to drop comments below.