Friday, April 17, 2015

It Came from the Forums: Vonkessler and his mind blowing conversions, Titans and Much More!

TJ here with another edition of It Came from the Forums and this one is for the hobbyists that love HUGE, intense conversions and sick paint jobs. This is Vonkessler's expertise and I am about to make your dork endorphins go into overdrive with his incredible work. Let's take a look!

First up is something near and dear to me as an aspiring creator of a Khorne Knight Titan. This Khorne take on the Archeron is stunning and captures the scale of the Lord of Skulls parts perfectly. Gone are the odd stumpy arms and here is something sinister, something that looks fast and might be able to swing the chainaxe without hitting itself! 

The profile shots show off some of the best details, including the blood tank hanging from chains.

I like the heads of enemy titans adorning the knees. That is a show of martial prowess and a nod to the god of Skulls and Blood.

Before I go into a blood-crazed frenzy on the rest of his Khorne collection, I need to drop a titanic sized opposing god-themed monster on you ...

The Slaaneshi version of the FW titan is perfect with its sleek features, smooth paint and the borrowed tentacles. Bravo and way yo represent the most neglected god in GW's pantheon.

I added his Bloodthirster because I am planning Angron right now and am looking at the colors I want to use. I like the skin colored wings with the red flesh and it is on the list of possibilities now that I have seen it here.

Holy crap! I have just thought of the latest Skaven as Obliterator conversions waiting to happen, but this is a very interesting take. I would have made the legs less rat-like, but it's Chaos, so all is forgiven for the overall badass-ness of these huge Chaos Ogres.

Reaching into Tomb Kings for Khorne conversions has been a neglected thought to me, but here is a touch of brilliance in the form of a blood altar mounted atop the most notorious assault vehicle.

The jaws are a very nice touch as well.

I myself have toyed with the wheel from the cannon kit, but always looked at mounting it the front, which I thought looked silly. This is much better and should have been obvious. It looks great!

This is a very interesting take on the Helbrute. I like the concept and the swords.

He never seems afraid to take on a Forge World model for conversion. This is the new and improved 40k Abbadon!

Another unexpected source of conversion fodder for an army, these Thousand Sons are converted from the Forge World Word Bearer Possessed.

This next model nearly won him a spot on the Golden Daemons and I think it would be well deserved.

The overall model is flawless and doesn't look like a conversion. I thought t was an amazing sculpt. Then I noticed it was based off of Lorgar. That blew my mind!

Adding to the Thousand Sons conversions are these Obliterators. I have seen my share of people attempting Thousand Sons oblits, but this stands as one of the most interesting. 

It makes me think of the original T-Son's dust being interred into a guardian statue. Cool concept.

Best. Lord. of. Change. Ever.

The whole thing is great. I am usually not a fan of the bird, but this is one exception for me. The use of the High Elf Phoenix and the tentacles on the wand are great additions and the colors are so vibrant. This is a great conversion and I hope GW is taking notes.

Now before you think this is just another Chaos love-fest, he has a ton of Eldar and Imperial stuff out there from subtle conversions like this Autarch ...

To epic conversions and showcases like this Wraithknight. The dual blade and dead Tyranid combined with the pose exude everything I love about the Space Elf Undead!

Another subtle conversion, these howling banshees are actually made from the Dark Elf Wych box. This is a very impressive conversion and really makes them look more like the banshees Aaron D.B. wrote about in the Talon series.

Here is the close up.

This titan has so much detailed shading. This is a ton of work and a very clean model with some very subtle but important little conversions.

There is so much more to Vonkessler and his Arklight collection. You REALLY need to see his thread on Dakka and subscribe to it because he is dropping amazing new models all the time.

If you are interested, check out his thread here, follow it and leave him some comments and encouragement. Otherwise, put your thoughts here and hopefully he stops by. I know I am a fan and have already found so much inspiration for future conversions. Here is a LINK his ARKLIGHT thread.


  1. Astonishing works! Those banshees look superb.

  2. Speechless at that first knight. Holy crap! Thanks for sharing these!

  3. Holy moley they are some pretty cool conversions. I think my fave though are the two obliterators. Really imaginative. Great job :)

  4. Yep. That's me done, can't top this :P