Sunday, April 19, 2015

Garrax, the Crimson Mist, Khorne Berzerker #1 painted

TJ here with the first painted Berzerkers for my World Eaters. Garrax is one of the eight berzerkers I made for the 8 days of Khornemas in Dec. 2009. These guys were all converted to the best of my ability at the time and with a new Khorne-specific codex, I figured I would get them painted up. Let's take a look at the first member of the squad.

In previous posts, I showed off some of the freehand work I did on this model and while I thought about covering him in freehand, I opted for the partial paintjob as many of you recommended.

Please forgive the photographs as I am on the road right now and making the best of the lighting I have in my hotel room. 

I am pretty happy with the paint, the highlights attract the eye from a distance and the freehand brings viewers right down to the model at an individual level. Considering the detachment won't have many berzerkers, I want all of mine to have some style.

The base is painted with Greys and powders to match my Army of the Apocalypse basing. I added the Ultramarine helmet because I love the idea of these berzerkers coming through rifts in the warp to act out the violence of the Ruinstorm in the 41st Millennium. 

Since I am painting these at a pace that allows each zerk his own post and his own chance for feedback. It also gives me time to really paint a back story for my warband.

I like to think of World Eaters in the 41st Millennium as more than frothing maniacs. I like to think of them as numb, desensitized and unfulfilled. They are truly alive in combat and nowhere else. I want to think of them as a martial culture with a cancer eating it in the form of the butcher's nails always on the edge of extinction. They would rather rage against it than to let it take them forever, attempt to harness it to meet an honorable death (by their standards) if nothing else. 

As always, i would love to know what you think. I will continue the partial freehand work on the armor and will change the pattern for the next berzerker, so there are more to come and if really enjoy it, then Angron and more may be on the horizon.


  1. These are great, diggin' them!

  2. Fantastic work TJ! Mad props for a blog post update from a hotel room. I gave up trying to do those :). For the freehand, to save time you could always concentrate it on the squad leaders (if there are any).

  3. Thank you to all. I have another zerk painted and should be up in the next day or so.