Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How Warmachine Models SHOULD Look! GR's Conversions!

TJ here to talk about some Warmahordes Conversions I found in my travels. You probably have noticed, I don't cover much Warmachine and people who have known me for a long time know a part of that is the simple fact that I just do not like their models in general. They do have some fantastic models, but none of their ranges have ever really grabbed me ... but then I saw GR's conversions from Bitter Old Painters and the Privateer Press forums. Let's take a look at his work and I will give you some links to find even more.

This is the photo that grabbed me when I found it on Google Images. This Khador Jack has ben transformed from a stiff-legged tinman to a charging berzerker. The extra spikes, little rings for chains, exhausts and green stuff work all add so much more character. If they sold their models like this, they would grab more of the modeller crowd, that is for sure.

What I should say rather is that people who are into WM/H shouldn't limit themselves to what they see and I know there are some policies out there that are restrictive to conversions work, but the way a game looks has so much to do with how it is enjoyed, it would be a shame not to push their sculpts that little extra bit to just look amazing.

This conversion is much simpler, but adds to the menace that a giant, steam powered, iron killbot should just exude.

My favorite part of this conversion?just that simple piston on the torso. It is just enough of an addition to suspend my disbelief. It is just enough of "how it works" to make me forget that I am seeing a model and not something with a history and story and purpose. 

I really have a new interest in Khador jacks after seeing these and the wheels in my head are turning right now ... Those wheels are dangerous things once they get moving. Check out Bitter Old Painters and GR's Khador post HERE. You will have a little bit of scrolling to do.

But the really impressive work that grabbed me by the short hairs was his conversion work on his Blight Trolls. Man, that is beautiful!

That is so perfect and it makes me think of what can be done with these huge troll models. Check out his PPForums Blight Trolls post here.

In all seriousness though, I know it seems like I bashed PP's brand a little, but I do honestly love some of their models (and large parts of some factions) and every year, I watch their models get a little better. I hope that they take notes from conversion like this and it inspires either PPto get bolder with kits OR IT encourages WH/ H players to branch out more because these models look insane! Once again, my hat is off to you and your conversions Guitrasmus!


  1. Nice work all around. I really loath the trolls and the war jacks take serious work to look good too. Really happy to see it being done right though! Wow, just wow :)

  2. THIS is awesome. WOW. I mean, he breathed life into those 'jacks. flipping amazing.

  3. Cool conversions and paintjob. Almost makes me like WM/H minis.

    Almost :P

  4. I would buy into WM if the models looked like this. Right now the minis just turn me off.

  5. I'm with you and seemingly everyone else, the models are generally just meh. Those conversions though are awesome. Well thought out and executed.