Thursday, September 19, 2013

Building a Better Plague Marine Part II: Spellcrow Miniatures

TJ here to continue my series on Building Better Chaos Marines with 3rd party bits. A reader pointed me toward Spellcrow, which is a company that produces a number of minis, including a line of bits for Plague Legions, which includes everything from arms to heads to weapons and more. Let's take a look at this bits.

I like these heads here because they match with the pre-heresy and the FW plague Marine style. I think they would work great in conjunction with those bits.

Here are some arms and before you write them off, check out the plague knives.

There are two sets of legs available. These are not quite to my taste ...

... but these are right up my alley!

Much like the legs, there are two types of shoulder pads and in this case, I really like both.

Here are the less crazy pads.

There are also multiple torsos. These and the next ones ...

Here, which are by far my favorite. For more great suggestions on Building better plague Marines, check out this link and if you like what you see, check out Spellcrow miniatures here.


  1. Those are pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

  2. As far as I know there are also 3rd set of shoulder pads:
    And they also have backpacks and rapid guns!

  3. Those are awesome. I imagine they get pretty pricey.

  4. I've been looking into ways to kit-bash some awesome Plague Marines myself, and although this would be expensive to do, I want to kitbash this stuff with the GW Chaos Space Marines. Now my only issue is not being allowed to play in GW stores with most 3rd party Plague Marines. everything else in the army would be GW, but just not 30 Death Guard marines.