Friday, September 20, 2013

It Came From the Forums: Daemon Blood Tide by Isotope99!

TJ here with another edition of It Came From the Forums (ICFtF). This time we will be taking a look at a daemon army that has grabbed my attention over on the BoLS Lounge; Iso's Blood Tide. I have long been a fan of this artist's work, but this latest effort has really blown me away. Let's take a look. Real quick though, I also want to add that if you want larger images, please use the link at the bottom of this post to go straight to the modelling thread for this army as I am posting this from a cell phone on my way to a training exercise on a Naval vessel, which is also why I couldn't rotate a couple of images.

The first thing many readers will recognise is the incredible Blood Thirster here that has been converted from the latest apocalypse box. The model is an incredible kitbash and while extremely huge (Titan would be more appropriate), it is also extremely creative and is an execellent centerpeice to the army.

Next is the Soul Grinder, which is actually built using the Heldrake chasis, which is a much better use for it than the actual drake is and I have to say that this is a very aggressive looking take on the original concept and very original as well. Consider this idea Stolen! In all seriousness though, while the Blood Thirster hogs all the attention, this is the sleeper hit and my favorite model out of this collection. There are more photos of this incredible model in the project log and you should really look at them through the link at the bottom of this post.
Next up is the Daemon Prince on the throne. First off, I just have to take a minute and say how ridiculously awesome the spread of bits has been in this army and how some great, rare peices and just some unique concepts have just stood out here. Anyway, here is the arrogant champion DP sitting upon his throne like Khorne himself, fitting and something I have never seen on the table before.
What Blood Tide would be complete without the exiled Skarbrand. I love the stalking stance of this model and it also seems to bear equal amounts of rage and unredeemable shame (don't ask me how, but that's what I read from the pose). Anyway, it is awesome and I would love to see it on the table.
One thing that has irked me since the start of 6th is plain Jane, off-the-shelf looking fortifications (almost as much as half-ass allies on the table: looking at you, Cadians hanging out with CSM). Iso doesn't have this problem - in fact, he has the best ADL I have ever seen and the best part is that it ripped straight from the 40k art. It is also a great way to contrast such a dark army. There are tons more photos of it on his thread in the Lounge
Iso has a plethora of hounds, some made from Fenrisian wolves, some from Warhound and then there are these made from Forgefiend Ectocannon heads and Forge World hounds. They are super creepy with the huge mouths and dark lighting.
Even the Bloodletters are really nice!

For those of you looking for Portalglyph inspiration, look no further, just make sure your opponent knows the fireball is not a potential target.
Here is another shot of a section of the ADL next to a rulebook picture of a Warp Storm.
Here is a shot of the entire group together Which is really nice considering that it looks just as good in plain like as it does in eery studio lighting. I think this is one of those masterpeice armies and I hope Iso writes a tutorial for this paint scheme.
That is not it though, the army is still progressing. Check out this DP breaking through a Space Marine statue.

Finally, it seems that this ambitious artist is going to make a re-enactment of the famous battle between the Blood Thirster and Sanguinius! This has a ton of promise and I recommend heading over to the Lounge and checking out this artist's thread here, where you can keep up with his incredible work and see the large images of the pics included in this post!