Friday, August 9, 2013

Greater Daemon Conversion w/ creepy eyeballs: Can you keep a secret?

Despite three months overseas with no hobby whatsoever, I picked up the tools and laid down this latest effort, complete with pinning, green stuff sculpting, conversion work and all manner of skills I had worried would have atrophied while away. This is the back of what will be my Keeper of Secrets/ Boon table DP/ Destroyer Lord/ Whatever I feel like it being at the appropriate base/ size for it. This is all part of my End of Days Army that includes my Converted Typhus and Bananas, the flying Monkey DP. Let's take a walk around this model though.

So the idea came to me while deployed that I wanted to merge my Necrons, Deamons and Chaos Marines into a single force that would meet all of my aesthetic loves of machines, monsters, big conversions and creepy color palettes with contrasts into bright colors like yellow. I know I want to run the flying circus, not because it is the new sauce, but because I can put a bunch of big conversions on the table with some of my best work, like my Hell Worm. I then thought, what the hell, I want to use this stuff for many different purposes, so what the hell, let's make something I really like that I can use whenever I want, to hell with norms and such, I just want badass shit on the table. Before I go into more of a tangent, I will move on ...

As I made this bad mama, I started looking at the creepy head and vox-grill mouth I had given it and decided it needed to be more creepy, so I ran some eyeballs down the back where the orbs usually go and the added some more near the head. I then came back and gave them some veins and creepy eyelids.

I am pretty stoked with how this came out.

I really liked the idea of the tentacles, but wanted to make use of the claws that I own from collecting bits for so long and added rows of various sized, creepy claws. I then added a lot of GS flesh ribbed in down the side like it is bursting from the most vulnerable seams in the machinery it is invading (a concept I really love from books like Ahriman: Exile and other accounts of daemons taking over objects in 40k literature.

I think rather than blather on about where I got all the bits and what kits they come from, I will ask the audience ....

... take a good look around the model and test your knowledge of bits and the plastic range. Everything here is GW except the GS, which is GF9. Can you name where all the bits come from or at least what kits are involved?

I promise to divulge all info on Sunday when I post this evil thing to the blog, but until then, let's at least generate some conversation.

Otherwise, please let me know what you think of my first hobby effort in 3 months. What do you think? 


  1. Ugly, disgusting, vile and utterly horrifically horrible. Enough about me I love the conversions and can't wait to see it painted.

    Now to business:

    (1)Obvious thing first: Necron Wraith.
    (2)Tentacles from the WHFB Warriors of Chaos tentacle beastie thing whose name I can't remember.
    (3)Some Daemonette claws.
    (4)The two bigger claws from CSM Possessed.

    Other bits I give up on.

  2. Fantastic! Great job!
    It's really horrible! It's perfect!

  3. It's PRETTY! well... vile evil bleaurgh! but you get what I mean I think?
    look forward to pics of it painted up!

  4. Welcome back and nice work. Looks like time away from the hobby table is helping you focus your skills. I really dig what you have achieved here. Now go put paint on it!

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