Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Tentacle Monster Fully Painted: Keeper/ Greater Daemon Conversion Ready!

TJ here with the Nasty Deamon/ Alien Machine sculpt/conversion fully painted. This was the first thing I grabbed, converted and painted since I have been back from my deployment and I have to say I am quite pleased with the results. Let's take a look at the model and talk about the paint and the parts.

For those of you who saw the last post, you know how much GS work went into it, but I did leave the question hanging as to what parts went into the beast and they are as follows:

1 Almost whole Necron Wraith
2 Vents from the back of the Plastic Daemon Prince (two for arms and one actual vent end for the vox grill)
2/3 the tentacle bits from the Mutalith kit from WHFB Warriors of Chaos
1 arm from a Chaos Spawn used for the tail
2 claws from the Chaos Space Marine Possessed box
6 claw parts from the Tyranid Trygon kit
1  head from a Chaos Daemon Screamer of Tzeentch
1 Resin base from Iron Heart Artisans
1 oz (give or take) of Green Stuff

I had a lot of fun painting the various textures of the model, ranging from slippery tentacles to slime to smooth ceramic surfaces to corrupted flesh, spikes and eyeballs. I think everything I needed to test the rust on my skills was in place.

One thing that came across after I finished the model was that the screamer head with its small eyes and vox mouth could actually be the inside of a larger mouth, whose head would the flesh with the large eyes around it and the teeth would be the trygon claws. I didn't intend it when I built it, but it makes it even creepier in my mind. I layered the eyes from Ultramarine Blue all the way up to Bone and blended the tentacles from black up to a mix of genestealer purple with a little lich purple (it sounds easy but it was a million little steps and a wet pallet of work. In the end, the purple is exactly what I had hoped to achieve.

I painted the slime in greens and yellows to stand out and while there was already a lot of color on the model, I took the risk. Hopefully nobody calls me on it (Looking at Chris Vinton, the DFG paint connoisseur).

Again, this will be a stand in for a number of possible models depending on what allied combo I run. This isn't to power game. I run Necrons, Chaos Marines and Daemons and really want to use the allies matrix as a platform to explore themed armies within that matrix. Also alien machine possessed by daemons and in turn robot aliens trying to use the daemons as a means to live in flesh, all the while there are zombies and dragon machines and all types of menacing one-eyed machine stuff running around ... pretty much all of my boyhood fantasies that didn't include women!

Anyway, I am ranting again. I had a lot of fun painting this, though I was delayed by the fact that my AC died ... in 105 degree southern humidity ... and a thunderstorm caused the ceiling of the gym I work out at to leak and close the gym. All in all, a frustrating weekend, so this daemon is my silver lining.

I really enjoyed using the wraith as a base for this conversion and I have a number of ideas to double the number of wraiths I have by cannibalizing my (easily broken) current wraiths and bashing them with some stuff I have been holding onto to create a base for wraiths/ Spawn/ beast of nurgle (or fiends, whatevs).

Anyway, here is the part where I turn it over to you. I am always looking for feedback, since all I will ever do is toot my own horn after torturing myself during the painting of the model. Let me know what you think!


  1. Great palette / wonderful painting! It truly looks like some ungodly fusion of machine and beast!

  2. Green and Purple = nice contrasts.
    Yellow and purple = Complimentary colours which you usually can't go wrong with.

    Blue is a part of purple so it will always fit nicely together, even though other colours are present.

    Flesh and bone colours usually go well with anything, so i don't think there should be any problem with the Palette.

    I tend to fuss a lot over colours and trying to not have too many or too few of them.

    Also, while having many colours i find that if using two or three main colours that will create a theme, i can also use many other colours for detailing and even vary which colours the details are painted with and still make things work. That way it doesn't end up looking like a patchwork of colours, but rather like individualism without being over the top.

    Hope that makes you more confident in the palette. Anywaus, that's just me thinking :)

  3. You deserve a lot of credit for such an amazing job. Where did you deploy to?