Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New 40k FAQ Breakdown!

TJ here with a quick run down of the new 40k FAQs that came out today. I have a quick breakdown below for those who cannot access the FAQs for now, like people at work:
Big Rule Book:

* For the Big Rule Book, I'm not going to talk about changes that are/ should be obvious, so I won't cover all of them. Those of you who have been around for a while know EXACTLY what I mean!

- You can't modify a model's initiative below 1.
- Wounds from blasts can wound models out of line of sight.
- Blind does not effect models without an initiative value.
- You cannot use special rules that move models into or out of reserves, like Grand Illusion, on Flyers.
- Vehicles can't fire Gun Emplacements.
- Allies of convenience can score! Everyone already knew it except for trolls, so there it is!
- Instant Death from Blasts, Large Blasts and Templates don't cause you to remove multiple bases from Swarm Bases.
- Heavy Vehicles are considered stationary the turn they arrive from Reserve.
- Allies of Convenience are effected by things like the Warpstorm Chart and Immotech's lightning.

Chaos Daemons:

-Nothing meaningful really happens for you in your FAQ. Sorry, but it's true.

Chaos Space Marines:

-Abbadon no longer becomes a spawn or Daemon Prince! Finally!
-Oblits may not use the same weapons for two consecutive shooting attacks - not sure why this is needed as they cannot overwatch ... maybe I'm missing something.
-A model with the scrolls of Magnus who wasn't already a psyker is now a mastery level 1.
-Spawn and Dark Apotheosis cause the model to lose any Chaos Boon results it has already gained.
-Helbrutes don't lose an additional hull point if they are already immobilised and Fire Frenzy.

Dark Angels:

-Courage of the Lion effects all leadership rolls except psychic tests. I don't know if it was already like that.
-Stasis Anomaly stacks to a minimum of 1 WS and 1 I.
-Vast Stasis Anomaly is the same but with bigger stats reductions. Both are until the end of the turn.
-The model with a power field generator embarked on a transport only gives THAT vehicle a 4++.
-Azmodai gets a bolt pistol.
-It seems that Ravenwing Command Squads can now purchase two more Black Knights at 40pts each!
-Death Wing count against the number of units you can have in reserve.
-The Banner of Devastation works on Hurricane, Combi and Twin Linked bolters just as we all thought.

Dark Eldar:

-Lelith's close combat attacks ignore armor saves - sorry bro, it doesn't work on your quad gun.
-Reavers' sweep attacks are resolved from where the reavers landed, which is pretty nice for directional damage and needed to be clarified even though the Daemons created precedence.

Death From the Skies:

-There are no Zooming MCs, lol!


-Mind War allows for Look Out Sir and Cover Saves.

Grey Knights:

-Grand Strategy doesn't work on ICs, Henchmen or Ghost Knights.
-Aegis does not stack.
-The Storm Raven doesn't get First to the Fury from Mordrak.

Imperial Guard:

- A model with a camo cloak gains +1 to cover save instead of Stealth. For some reason, I thought the Lord Camossar had already been FAQ'd out.
- The Valk and Vendetta lost Scout, but I am pretty sure that already happens.
- There is an epic paragraph about Chenkov, Al' Raheim and conscripts taken by Raheim. Basically, only one set of rules will apply and that will be determined by a die roll per BRB Page 4.


- A Monolith can use Dimensional Corridor the turn it arrives by Deep Strike! I am going to be using this trick ASAP! Watch out Chuck, I'm coming for you!
- Obyron can't deep strike without error when Zahn is in his unit.
- Lord of the Storms works on zooming flyers and swooping FMCs. Again, they really like to give us newer and dumber stuff with each FAQ. I never played it like this before.


- Weirdboyz Can't shoot Flyers with the Melta shot.
- Big Bombs on Koptas can be used in the movement or shooting phase.
- Ol' Zog can't re-roll warp charts results for the sake of expending a charge.

Space Marines:

-Drop Pods and the squads within count as coming in from reserves and can be hit with Interceptor. I always played it this way and just assumed it was already settled.


-Tau can take Warlord Traits from their book and the Rulebook.
- D-Pods = +1 cover save.

There it is - Some great stuff, some dumb stuff and a lot of just ... stuff. I am happy that there are some clarifications to some things that some people thought were sticky so we can move on. I do wish that Daemons got more questions answered because I really feel like there are WAY more questions than that needing answers.

As always, comments and insights are always appreciated.


  1. The Black Knight command squad bumping up to 5 Knights is huge. This will change how I play my knights. Very cool.

    1. The added resilience is very nice and it shows they are paying attention at least in their own games and are willing to make bold adjustments.

  2. Two things: On the space marine camo cloak giving plus one cover, I thought that was in there before, but it's likely listed because Sgt. Telion has stealth, and thus it would stack with his units cloaks for a total of +2 cover.

    The Tau codex confirms that you can take two of the same weapon system as separate weapons, not twin-linked single system. You can also take three of the same weapon system or a twin-linked and a single of that weapon. This is new as the old codex said basically the same thing but was always ruled you could not take two singles of the same weapon.

    1. I would not call vague wording in the tau codex confirmation.

    2. I must have missed that Tau one Yancy. I'll check it out later. Also, the cloack thing is in Guard and it is because of the dumb Camo Cloak Commissar: Also known as Cammosaurus rex, Tyrant Cover King.

    3. The last FAQ already took care of him. They forgot to change the colour to black. That's not new.

    4. Oops.. I should read more carefully.. I was just reading the space marine faq to see if they'd fixed the entry on combat squads (they didn't) and saw the entry on camo cloaks and just somehow connected the two..

  3. what I really wanna know is weather or not on my battlesuits I have to take the T.L. weapon or if I can take to of the same single weapon?

  4. As I just posted, you can take two of the same single weapon system. GW's page is messed up, but there is a new Tau faq.

  5. http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m3170231a_Tau_Empire_v1.0_APRIL13.pdf

  6. Powerfield says it just works on those embarked - so it doesn't help the vehicle at all. So you have to be out to get it to work.

    That removal of Stealth from single models who can attach seems to be the case with this FAQ. That specific model gets +1 to the cover as stealth feeds out to the whole squad.

  7. Some dude at Adepticon was trying to tell me that Hive Guard can shoot without LOS but if they don't have LOS they can't allocate wounds, lol

    Even called over a judge

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