Monday, April 22, 2013

Adepticon Photos from our Friends!

TJ here with some great photos from Adepticon. Even though military commitments kept me from my favorite event, some of our friends in the Dark Future Games Facebook group posted some pics of the incredible stuff on site. First we will look at the gorgeous Crystal Brush entries, then we will take a look at some pics from the tables.

First off, the fellow above with the shotgun, fist and beergut is pretty awesome and if you look at the skin and armoured surfaces, it really is out of control!

Pre-Heresy Sons of Horus are always good to see and that Sea Green armor look really good.

I am not sure what was all there for Crystal Brush this year or what this model was up against, but this Death Jester is simply perfect in ways I had never imagined. The little pictures on the sadlebag and the work on the flag are incredible, the model itself and all the patterns, cloth and filligree are all great and that "Shhhh" pose really just makes the whole thing so much more creepy! This would have been my pick for the best model hands down based on what I have seen from the con.

Now this is cool. For those of you who don't recognize it right away, this model is a kitbash of the Mantic Enforcer character model and Grey Knights parts. This is the direction Chuck and I had been talking about for combining GK and Crons (go, ahead and hate, haters) in a way that looked good on the table.

Death Korps are always great.

Swarmlord always makes me happy and string effects always make me sad because I have never gotten them to work correctly. Maybe I need to PM this guy on CMON or something, but I really want to figure it out when I see great stuff like this.

A great Terminator entry.

Rounding things out for what I received from the Crystal Brush photos is a diorama of an Imperial Fists guy rocking some serious powerfists, beating up my beloved Iron Warriors .... we will get you next time, son of Dorn!

Moving into the tabletop photos people sent in, I want to thank Josh Linde (SeerK of Craftworld Lansing), Dreadbeard from G,B&B and Rachel for providing some great photos! I recommend visiting the two links as they should be posting even more photos on their blogs very soon.

James Wappell again amazed the con crowds with his ridiculous painting skills! The next set of photos are of his lava armor Dark Eldar!

This army is perfect in my mind, providing so much freehand and bone, flesh, reds, yellows, greens ... it is just a feast for the eyes and I wish I would have been there to see it.

I should also mention that the basing is out of control!

In case you aren't amazed yet, just take a look at the flesh of the faces here and the lighting on the pilot.

For more of James' incredible projects, including his work on this DE army, check out his blog here.

I think for once, the Thunderfire Cannon may be outgunned!

Dreadbeard's Camo Tau made an appearance and I am happy to finally see this army hit the tables as I was such a huge fan of it when he started painting them.

Ok, I am not sure what this badass AdMech stuff is, but it looks really cool! I do know that they have 6 Adepticonstructs, which is very impressive, but what they are is anybodies guess.

I am not 100% sure, but I think these guys are Al's and if so, I wish I could have said what's up so I will do it here. Al had an incredible foot GK/ Henchmen list that was harder than a coffin nail at the Dropzone GT in March and he was a stand-up guy as well.

Here is another shot of the Elysian henchmen!

Here we have some guard vs the Wolves of Fenris!

And I will round out this post with a quick shot of the Scibor jetbike! That is a hell of a model for either a Sammeal or a Khan!

In any case, I wish I could have been there, but as always, it is nice to have friends at the big events who will send you great pics and text you info while they are attending the event. I look forward to possibly making it to Adepticon next year if I am state-side!

As always, comments are welcome and appreciated.


  1. That DE army is awesome. Just amazing. The Deathjester is fantastic, I agree 100% from what I saw.
    Sad I didn't make it. Next year!

  2. The Jester won best overall,absolutely fantastic effort.Gave it a ten whilst voting online.And those Dark Eldar are awesome.James Wappel's Tomb Kings efforts were amazing as well.I could go and on.

  3. Thanks for posting the images! :-) It was very cool to have the Player's Choice. That's coming from the same folks in the room who are all about armies as well, so it means even more...

  4. Greetings, I played the bike army from the last picture - it is indeed a Scibor model that was being used as Sammael. I am greatly honored that you included it in this post - thanks!

    1. No problem David! It's a great looking model!